What is FP64 used for?

Double-precision floating-point format (sometimes called FP64 or float64) is a computer number format, usually occupying 64 bits in computer memory; it represents a wide dynamic range of numeric values by using a floating radix point.

Does V100 support FP16?

Tensor Cores provide up to 125 TFlops FP16 performance in the Tesla V100.

What does GA102 mean?

For the gaming and consumer segment, NVIDIA GA102 is the largest Ampere GPU. It is used in the high-end graphics cards GeForce RTX 3090 and GeForce RTX 3080. Also, several other products are planned, and in the future, you could see those in both GeForce and Quadro segments.

What is GPU double-precision?

In double-precision format, each number takes up 64 bits. Single-precision format uses 32 bits, while half-precision is just 16 bits.

What applications use double precision?

These apps include a wide range of jobs in earth science, fluid dynamics, healthcare, material science and nuclear energy as well as oil and gas exploration. To serve the world’s most demanding applications, Double-Precision Tensor Cores arrive inside the largest and most powerful GPU we’ve ever made.

Is T4 better than K80?

K80 is about 2 to 8 times faster than M1 while T4 is 3 to 13 times faster depending on the case.

What is FP16 and FP32?

Half-precision floating point format (FP16) uses 16 bits, compared to 32 bits for single precision (FP32). Lowering the required memory enables training of larger models or training with larger mini-batches. Shorten the training or inference time. Execution time can be sensitive to memory or arithmetic bandwidth.

How many tensor cores does a 3090 have?


NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 10496
Memory Interface Width 384-bit
Ray Tracing Cores 2nd Generation
Tensor Cores 3rd Generation
NVIDIA Architecture Ampere

What is Nvidia TPC?

The TPC is a concept we find on NVIDIA GPUs. On G80 and GT200 architectures, a TPC, or Texture / Processor Cluster, is a group made up of several SMs, a texture unit and some logic control.

What applications use double-precision?

Does GPU support double-precision?

Every GPU with SM 1.3 (Tesla/GTX2xx) or better has hardware double-precision support.