What is flowable fill concrete?

Flowable fill refers to a cementitious slurry consisting of a mixture of fine aggregate or filler, water, and cementitious material(s), which is used primarily as a backfill in lieu of compacted earth.

What is a lean concrete?

Lean concrete is that concrete which has high aggregates to cement ratio. In technical terms ,if the cement content of the mix falls out to be lesser than 10 percent than the mix is called as lean concrete mix. The higher the aggregate / cement ratio, the more the concrete bends.

What is the difference between lean concrete and reinforced concrete?

The main difference between lean and PCC concrete is that lean concrete contains less cement compared to the water content present in it. This means, when compared to plain cement concrete (PCC), the lean concrete has a smaller ratio of cement to water content.

What is the advantage of flowable fill?

Flowable fill is designed to be excavated so it may be easily removed if necessary. It acts like compacted sand and can be excavated with equipment or hand tools. Other advantages are all weather construction and efficient use of materials. Road crews can place flowable fill in rain, snow, or freezing weather.

How strong is flowable fill?

Flowable fill is defined by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) as a self-compacting cementitious material that is in a flowable state at placement and has a compressive strength of 8.3 MPa (1,200 lb/in2) or less at 28 days.

Is flowable fill structural?

For use as a permanent structural fill, flowable fill can be designed to achieve 28 day compressive strengths as high as 1200 psi. Can Be Excavated – Flowable fill having compressive strengths of 50 to 100 psi can be easily excavated with conventional digging equipment, yet is strong enough for most backfilling needs.

Is lean mix concrete strong?

This type of concrete mix also provides a strong, stable base for the foundations. Domestic Patios – A lean mix is excellent as a sub-base in domestic patios, as it helps to level off the surface, providing a more stable solution than compacted earth.

Is lean concrete blinding?

Lean concrete is lean concrete. Relatively low cement content. Blinding concrete can be virtually any common concrete. Even concrete rejected due to relatively low slump and water added.

What is the minimum thickness of lean concrete?

The mudmat provides a working surface for the construction of the concrete foundation mat; the mudmat has a minimum thickness of 12 inches of un- reinforced concrete.

Is flowable fill waterproof?

Flowable fill is not waterproof. In most applications, it will leak and wick water. Therefore, de- signers and owners should not count on flowable fill to seal leaking joints.

Is flowable fill permeable?

Flowable fill has a higher load-carrying capacity than those of compacted soil or granular fill. It is less permeable and can be designed to achieve compressive strengths up to 1,200 psi.

How thick can you pour flowable fill?

Maximum lift thickness shall be three (3) feet, except where such thickness would cause lifting or displacement of the utility, pipe or structure. In such case, depth of flowable fill shall be limited to prevent displacement of the utility, pipe or structures.