What is Florianópolis known for?

Florianopolis is known as “the Magic Island” Fables from years ago tell tales of witches and sorcerers casting spells and curses on locals. Legend says that the boulders off the beach of Praia de Itaguaçu were once witches before they were turned to stone. Witches are found in many of the legends here.

What language is spoken in Florianópolis?

standard Brazilian Portuguese
Once widely spoken in the Santa Catarina island, the Florianopolitan dialect is now almost restricted to the traditional Azorean settlements, and the standard Brazilian Portuguese became the predominant variant for the island inhabitants, many of which come from other parts of Santa Catarina state, other Brazilian …

Can you swim in Florianópolis?

While the waters on the eastern-facing Florianópolis beaches are usually choppy, Ilha do Campeche has a western-facing beach that is protected from the ocean winds, creating a much calmer spot for swimming and bathing.

Do you need a car in Florianópolis?

Long waiting times, heavy traffic and crowded carriages are not uncommon so if you are visiting for only a few days, car rental is an excellent way to cover a lot of the island quickly.

Do people in Florianópolis speak English?

Not a lot of people in florianopolis speak fluent English, but many, specially people who work in hotels, restaurants and stores, are able to communicate well in English.

How big is Florianópolis?

260.8 mi²Florianópolis / Area

How do you get around Florianopolis?

Getting Around in Florianopolis

  1. By Bus: If you need local transportation, the bus system is really cheap and easy to use.
  2. By Car: If you need to do a lot of driving, rent a car—it will take you about two hours to travel between the north and south points.
  3. By Taxi: If not by bus or car, you can hail or call a cab.

How many beaches are in Florianopolis Brazil?

42 beaches
The island of Florianópolis is home to over 42 beaches, which boast everything from great surf to serene waters and secluded sands. The most beautiful beaches on the island are in protected nature reserves and are the epitome of paradise in Brazil. Check out Floripa’s top five beaches here.

What is Santa Catarina Brazil known for?

The island of Santa Catarina is noted throughout Brazil for its Mediterranean-like scenery, attractive fishing villages and the city of Florianópolis, the state’s small and prosperous capital.