What is FileNet used for?

FileNet is the most widely used high-end workflow system and runs on PCs and a variety of Unix workstations. The company coined the term “enterprise content management” (ECM) to apply to the dissemination of content in all its forms, such as images, forms, emails, scanned documents and electronic files.

Is FileNet a database?

The following two tables list the z/VM® guest resources and software versions for the FileNet® P8 DB2® database server. The database server provides the backend databases for the CE and the PE engines.

Is FileNet a tool?

FileNet rebranded as the Panagon software suite in 1998, and included: Panagon Image Services (high-end imaging tool formerly known as IMS)

Is .NET safe to download?

File.Net is totally safe, is just a database of information on the list of files and processes found on a PC, that website it does not download anything to your PC, it is simply an information website to lookup processes …

Who uses FileNet?

Who uses IBM FileNet?

Company Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Inc.
Revenue 100M-200M
Company Size 500-1000
Company Lorven Technologies
Website lorventech.com

Is FileNet a CMS?

What is IBM® FileNet® Content Manager? IBM FileNet Content Manager is a flexible, full-featured content management solution that provides the foundation for IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. It uses AI to deliver deep insights from your unstructured content.

How do I access FileNet?

Access FileNet P8 using integrated Office applications

  1. In the Logon window, enter your user name and password. If your administrator has configured single-sign on capability, where your Windows login information is used to log on to FileNet P8, you will not see this window.
  2. If necessary, enter the web address.

How many databases does FileNet content engine store data?

How many databases are used by FileNet Content Engine to store data? The FileNet Content Engine has two or more databases.

Is FileNet cloud based?

Is .NET a virus?

NET executable files. It has no capability to replicate and, in fact, has to be physically installed on a user’s machine via an e-mail or a floppy disk. The virus doesn’t damage the host computer but sometimes displays a message box with the text “This cell has been infected by the dotNET virus” when infected .

What is similar to FileNet?

Top 10 Alternatives to IBM FileNet Content Manager

  • Laserfiche.
  • OnBase.
  • DocuSign CLM.
  • M-Files.
  • DocuShare.
  • Oracle WebCenter Content.
  • Documentum.
  • Alfresco Content Services.