What is Eastern Oregon University known for?

In addition, EOU has military science, agricultural science, and nursing offered on campus by other Oregon universities. Many degrees are available fully online. Eastern Oregon’s Psychology department is one of the last university programs that still has its students use live animals in behavioral studies.

What is Southern Oregon University’s mascot?

Rocky The RaiderSouthern Oregon University / Mascot

SOU’s Mascot: Rocky the Red-Tailed Hawk Adopted in 1998, the red-tailed hawk is the mascot of the SOU Raiders. In the mythology of the Klamath and Modoc people of the southern Oregon region, the red-tailed hawk served as a totem representing wisdom, courage, and character.

What university is in La Grande Oregon?

Eastern Oregon UniversityLa Grande / University

What are the colors of Eastern Oregon University?

Eastern Oregon University/Colors

Is Eastern Oregon a party school?

There are parties off and on here, but they are not regular and not enormous like some colleges. Someone who is going pre-med, pre-law or something like that. Not a self starter and someone who is unwilling to pursue planning education on their own. if you’re into the party scene, eastern oregon is not for you.

Is Eastern Oregon a good school?

EOU cracks nation’s top 100 for online bachelor’s degree 10, 2018 La Grande, Ore. — U.S. News and World Report ranked Eastern Oregon University among its top 100 institutions for online bachelor’s degrees in 2018. EOU jumped more than 10 spots to join the nation’s best colleges and universities on the prestigious list.

What is Western Oregon’s mascot?

WolfyWestern Oregon University / Mascot

Is Western Oregon University a party school?

WOU is a small and quiet school, not known for parties or many social activities.

Is Eastern Oregon University good?

Within Oregon, EOU is Ranked as Below Average in Quality for a Fair Price. Eastern Oregon University is ranked #19 out of #20 in Oregon for quality and #9 out of #20 for Oregon value. This means it is below average in quality with a price that reflects that in the state.

What town is Eastern Oregon University in?

La Grande, Ore.
Eastern Oregon University at a Glance The main campus is located in La Grande, Ore., on I-84, 259 miles east of Portland, Ore. and 177 miles west of Boise, Idaho.

Is Eastern Oregon University a good school?

Does Eastern Oregon University have a football team?

Football – Eastern Oregon University Athletics.