What is circulation mean?

1 : orderly movement through a circuit especially : the movement of blood through the vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart. 2 : flow. 3a : passage or transmission from person to person or place to place especially : the interchange of currency coins in circulation.

Why does water swirl clockwise?

The spinning direction of drain water is random, determined mostly by how the water is bumped, sloshed, or distributed when it starts to drain. Hurricanes are large enough to be affected by the Coriolis force. Sinks draining water are not. Hurricanes spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

What is flow in writing?

>> “Flow is a word used to describe writing that has logical structure and varied language within and between sentences and paragraphs.” ‍ Having flow implies having comfort as a writer and a mastery of not only the content being written about, but the writing craft itself.

How can I improve my essay flow?

Top Tips

  1. Remember: ONE paragraph, ONE idea!
  2. State the purpose of the paragraph clearly in the topic sentence.
  3. Make sure every subsequent sentence refers back to or reinforces the topic sentence.
  4. Avoid short, clipped sentences; use connecting words to build effective links.

Which is the right flow of action in academic writing?

Creating flow involves using logical connections between ideas, strong topic sentences to start paragraphs, transitions to link sentences, concise wording, and a varied sentence structure. One commonality between these parts of writing is that they make the reader’s job easier.

Why is there high pressure at 30 degrees from the equator?

The air that rises at the equator does not flow directly to the poles. Due to the rotation of the earth, there is a build up of air at about 30° north latitude. (The same phenomenon occurs in the Southern Hemisphere). Some of the air sinks, causing a belt of high-pressure at this latitude.

What is circulation weather?

Atmospheric circulation is the large-scale movement of air and together with ocean circulation is the means by which thermal energy is redistributed on the surface of the Earth. The Earth’s weather is a consequence of its illumination by the Sun, and the laws of thermodynamics.

What causes the Coriolis effect?

Because the Earth rotates on its axis, circulating air is deflected toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere and toward the left in the Southern Hemisphere. This deflection is called the Coriolis effect.

What causes the air to move?

Air in the atmosphere moves around the world in a pattern called global atmospheric circulation. This pattern, called atmospheric circulation, is caused because the Sun heats the Earth more at the equator than at the poles. It’s also affected by the spin of the Earth. In the tropics, near the equator, warm air rises.

How do you maintain flow in writing?

To create flow in your assignments, use the following rules.

  1. Sentence Variety. Create variety in your sentences by (1) varying the types of sentences you use, (2) varying the sentence length, and (3) varying the way a sentence begins.
  2. Parallelism. Use parallel sentence construction.
  3. Tying Ideas Together.

What is another name for flow?

Some common synonyms of flow are arise, derive, emanate, issue, originate, proceed, rise, spring, and stem.

What are the 3 types of circulation?

3 Kinds of Circulation:

  • Systemic circulation.
  • Coronary circulation.
  • Pulmonary circulation.

What does glide mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly swans gliding over the lake. 2 : to go or pass imperceptibly hours glided by.

What is the opposite word of flow?

What is the opposite of flow?

ebb sink
recede retreat
withdraw flow back

What is an example of circulation?

The definition of circulation is free movement or moving about in a specific course. An example of circulation is air freely flowing into a classroom from the hallway and windows. An example of circulation is blood moving through the body.

How do you get into flow state writing?

7 Simple Ways to Get Into a Flow State When Writing

  1. Eliminate all distractions. It’s no secret that distractions are all around you.
  2. Listen to instrumental music on a loop. Many people enjoy listening to music while working.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Supplement your nutrition.
  5. Don’t depend on stimulants.
  6. Take a nature break.
  7. Fit in exercise.

What is flow and types of flow?

Fluid flow is generally broken down into two different types of flows, laminar flow and turbulent flow. Laminar flow is fluid motion in which all the particles in the fluid are moving in a straight line. Turbulent flow is an irregular flow of particles; characterized by whirlpool-like regions.

What is the 3 cell model?

three-cell model An attempt to represent the atmospheric circulation systems over a hemisphere by three adjoining vertical cells of meridional surface motion, transferring energy from equatorial to polar regions.

Why does air descend at 30 degrees?

The location of the majority of earth’s driest and arid regions are located in the areas underneath the descending branches of the Hadley circulation around 30 degrees latitude, which also supports the 3 cell model. Air usually subsides at 30 degrees because at that latitude it is cool enough to allow it to sink.

Does air rise or sink at 60 n s?

60 degrees N & S Latitudes: another area of rising air, not as strong as ITCZ. Prevailing Westerlies (in N Hemisphere): between ~60 degrees N&S latitudes and ~30 degrees N&S latitudes air blows towards the poles. 90 degrees N & S Latitudes: air sinks over the poles and moves equatorward.

What are 3 things that are affected by the Coriolis effect?

What are the three things affected by the Coriolis effect?

  • Atmospheric Circulation Patterns. Earth rotates eastward.
  • Oceanic Circulation Patterns. The winds drive the oceans, so you will notice that oceanic and atmospheric circulation patterns are very similar.
  • Flight Paths. Anything that flies (planes, birds, missiles, space rockets) is affected by the Coriolis effect.

Where is the Coriolis effect the strongest?


How do I determine my flow state?

Another indicator of flow state is having a sense of ease, when things feel like they just click into place. It might even come in the moments when you have new ideas and insights, and “you put things together in ways you’d never put them together before,” says Allen. Flow state often features a positive feedback loop.