What is BP submission?

Form BCD BPN A CL1 (BP) which is a standard checklist for submission of building plans to be completed by the qualified person, or Form BCD BPN A CL1 (MV) in the case of submission of ACMV plans.

What is DP clearance?

Development Control (DC) and Detailed Plan (DP) Before Sanitary, Sewerage Works and Drainage works can proceed, planning clearance need to be obtained from PUB for Development Control and Detailed Plan.

What is BP construction?

B.O.F.: Bottom of Footing. B.O.M: Bill of Material. BOT: Bottom. B.O.W.: Bottom of Wall. BP: Blue Print (or B/P)

Who is qualified person BCA?

A QP is a person who is: Registered as an Architect with the Board of Architects (BOA) or a Professional Engineer with the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) Has a valid practising certificate issued by the BOA or PEB.

What is DC submission?

At the Development Control (DC) stage, NEA’s Development Control Department (DCD) checks the plans submitted for compliance with pollution control (PC) and environmental health (EH) requirements.

What is pub Form C?

c. Form PUB-BPU-COMPOFWORK – to certify completion and inspection of the completed sewerage/sanitary works, RC Trench, or M&E works for the sewage ejector/sewerage installations and to arrange for site audit inspection by PUB.

What is LFT in construction?

LFT.: Linear Feet.

What is DWG in construction?

DWG is a type of format that construction sites will use to file two and three dimensional designs to. It stands for drawing standards.

When should I submit to BCA?

After approval of building plan Before starting building works, QP, builder and the applicant must jointly apply to BCA for a permit to commence works, after obtaining structural plan approval (to include a footnote: The validity of the approval is for 24 months from the date of the last approved plans.)

How do I submit to URA?

You can include explanations or information to support your proposal. Download the electronic planning application form EDA form and prepare an EDF file format of the form for submission. All new applications must follow the New Submission Declaration Form (. doc, 69KB) and be accompanied by a declaration.

What is pub Form B?

Form B: Application to Work in Public Sewerage System (Non – development Project) 1. This e-service facilitates the Plumber or Contractor on the Application to Work in Public Sewerage System for projects that are not registered with BCA.