What is application Error in global asax?

Application Level Error Handling You can handle default errors at the application level either by modifying your application’s configuration or by adding an Application_Error handler in the Global. asax file of your application. You can handle default errors and HTTP errors by adding a customErrors section to the Web.

Is global asax mandatory?

Globax. asax is not required by ASP.NET for a website to run. It is, however, very useful for application-level functionality (like unhandled exception logging).

What is global asax page?

Global. asax is an optional file which is used to handling higher level application events such as Application_Start, Application_End, Session_Start, Session_End etc. It is also popularly known as ASP.NET Application File. This file resides in the root directory of an ASP. NET-based application.

How do I open a global asax file?

asax file: Select Website >>Add New Item (or Project >> Add New Item if you’re using the Visual Studio web project model) and choose the Global Application Class template. After you have added the global.

How does MVC handle application error in global ASAX?

Setting HandleError Attribute as a Global Filter Any unhandled exception that takes place within the boundary of the MVC application will now be handled by this global error handler. To test this global handler, comment out the [HandleError] attribute from the action or the controller and then run the application.

What is the Server error in application?

The server error in ‘/’ application can occur when your programs and file types are not compatible with your . NET Version. This prevents your website from running on the Server.

What is difference between web config and global ASAX?

asax contains code which is executed. Web. config contains configuration settings of web application, for example connection string, included libraries, namespaces, users and groups access permissions to virtual directories, etc.

What does asax stand for?

Active Server Application Extended
Global.asax extension stands for: Active Server Application Extended. ..and it has only one purpose, as stated in docs: .. is an optional file that contains code for responding to application-level events raised by ASP.NET or by HttpModules.

Can we have more than one global asax?

You cannot have multiple Global. asax, unless you convert folders to Areas which is probebly overkill.

Can we have more than one global asax in an application?

only one global. asax file is allowed. but, if you want, you can use more than one global.

What are the methods available in global asax?

Methods in Global. asax

  • Application_Start.
  • Application_BeginRequest.
  • Application_AuthenticateRequest.
  • Session_Start.
  • Application_EndRequest.
  • Session_End.
  • Application_End.
  • Application_Error.