What is a spillover effect example?

For example, if consumer spending in the United States declines, it has spillover effects on the economies that depend on the U.S. as their largest export market. The larger an economy is, the more spillover effects it is likely to produce across the global economy.

What is the spillover theory?

“Spillover theory postulates the conditions under which the spillover between the work microsystem and the family microsystem is positive or negative. Research documents that if work-family interactions are rigidly structured in time and space, then spillover in terms of time, energy and behavior is generally negative.

What is a spillover or externality?

A spillover is an externality that spills over into areas beyond the authority of the government where the externality is produced. For example, pollution is an externality, because the producers of pollution do not bear the full social and environmental costs of that pollution.

What is positive spillover?

Positive spillover occurs when changes in one behavior influence changes in subsequent behaviors. Evidence for such spillover and an understanding of when and how it may occur are still limited.

What is another word for spillover?

What is another word for spillover?

overflow flood
flash flood downpour
gush freshet
cascade leak
leakage surge

What is another name for spillover effect?

Words related to spillover deluge, flash flood, overabundance, torrent, advance, cataclysm, cataract, congestion, discharge, encroachment, enforcement, engorgement, excess, exuberance, flooding, infringement, overcrowding, overkill, overmuch, overproduction.

Why is spillover important?

The spillover effect refers to the effect on the economy of a country from unrelated events happening in another country. Events, including natural calamities, such as earthquakes or political crisis in another country can have positive or negative effects on the economy of a country.

What is positive and negative spillover?

Whereas positive spillover describe the process of one behavior leading to a second behavior that is in line with the initial intervention, and thus follows a certain consistency (assimilation), negative spillovers describe the process of a subsequent behavior that is inconsistent with the previous one.

What is a negative spillover?

Negative spillover occurs when the successful increase in one PEB is associated with a reduction in another PEB (Thøgersen and Crompton, 2009), for example, a drop in participation in a recycling program in response to the introduction of a bag tax.

What does spill into mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspill into/onto something phrasal verb literaryif light spills onto or into something, it shines through a window, door, hole etc onto something else The morning light spilled into the room.

What is negative spillover effect?

Negative Spillover Effects. Negative spillover effects are when a market or economy suffers due to the slowdown in a different economy. Negative spillover effects occur in marketing as well.