What is a name that means beautiful soul?

If you’re searching for names that mean soul that also signify great beauty and loveliness, then a wonderful choice you can consider would be the name Aruzhan. This Kazakh monicker is said to have the meaning of “beautiful soul.”

What name means precious jewel?

214 Baby Girl Names That Mean Precious

Gemma Jewel; Precious Stone; Gem French,Italian,Latin
Gemmariah A precious gem of a girl, virgin Hebrew
Gersemi Precious as a gem and valuable as a jewel. Scandinavian
Gimma Italian name Gimma means Precious Stone Italian

What name means jewelry?

33) Bijou (French Origin) meaning “jewel”.

What baby name means soul?

Aasmi. This Sanskrit name means “the soul.”

What girls name means soul?

Yurei A pure name for girls meaning “soul” or “spirit,” Yurei has Japanese origin where it is a fairly popular name.

What girl name means crystal?

24 Baby Girl Names That Mean Crystal

Crystel Iced crystal Greek
Kristol A woman who is made of ice, or crystals German,Greek
Kristy A crystal-like woman Greek,United States
Larique Crystals or Cut Glass of art nouveu style French

What name means crystal?

31 Baby Names That Mean Crystal

Chrystal Crystal; a transparent clear solid Scottish
Crisiant Crystal; Clear; Bright English
Crystel Iced crystal Greek
Fatik He who is like a crystal Arabic

What is a gem name for a girl?

Gemstone Names for Your Glam Girl

Johari Jewel African
Opal Gem, jewel Indian (Sanskrit)
Opalina Gem, jewel Indian (Sanskrit)
Pearl Pearl Latin
Rubinia The red gemstone English

What name means taker of souls?

243 Baby Names That Mean Soul

Akhilatman Universal Soul of Brahman Boy
Aksa Soul; Spirit Boy
Albadawi Expression, Soul urge, Inner Dream Boy
Alma Soul Boy

What name means beautiful soul in Japanese?

Beautiful Japanese Girl Names

Name Meaning
Ruri Ruri meaning “lapis lazuli” or “emerald” is a Japanese female name symbolizing being protected. It’s variation is Ruriko.
Sara Sara is one the beautiful Japanese names that start with s. The name means “happy; pure; soul”.

What’s a name that means spirit?

Hugo happens to be one of the most sought after Latin names that have been derived from an old French word called Hugon, meaning mind, spirit or heart. 26. Hugon has been derived from the famous French word Hugues, meaning spirit.