What is a 1977 Yamaha XT500 worth?


Excellent $5,070
Very Good $3,315
Good $1,530
Fair $745
Poor N/A

Is the Yamaha XT500 2 stroke?

Engine. The dirt bike comes to life – thanks to an air-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC engine with an 87 × 84 millimeters (3.42 × 3.31 inches) bore-stroke ratio, 9.0:1 compression ratio, and 2-valve-per-cylinder design also found in Yamaha SR400 and SR500 bikes.

When did Yamaha stop making XT500?

The Yamaha XT500 is a twin-valve single-cylinder enduro-adventure motorcycle made by Yamaha from 1975 until 1989.

How much does a Yamaha XT500 weight?

Make Model Yamaha XT 500
Seat Height 840 mm / 33.0 in
Ground Clearance 215 mm / 8.4 in
Dry Weight 140 kg / 308.6 lbs
Fuel Capacity 8.8 Litres / 2.3 US gal

How do you kick start an xt500?

Just give it a few priming kicks (with choke on, no throttle), kick slowly without the compression release until you feel the compression stroke (you’ll know), ease past it with the compression release, and give it a healthy kick. If it won’t consistently start, try a fresh spark plug and check your points.

How much oil does a tt500 take?

Oil capacity is about 2.1 quarts.

How much does a Yamaha xt250 weight?

All new, semi-double cradle steel frame and an overall dry weight of only 123kg (270.6 lb), makes the XT250 one of the lightest, most compact dual purpose machines on the market….Yamaha XT 250 Serow.

Make Model Yamaha XT 250 Serow
Capacity 249 cc / 15.2 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 74.0 x 58.0mm
Cooling System Air cooled
Compression Ratio 9.5;1

How do you start a Yamaha XT?

With the ignition (key) and motor kill switches “On”, the kickstand, “Up” the motor should start by push-starting it.

How much oil does a Yamaha xt500 take?

The manual says about 2.1 litres for total at oil change…

How fast will a Yamaha XT250 go?

75 mph
Yamaha XT250 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Fuel Capacity: 2.6 gal / California model 2.4 gal
Fuel Economy: 76 mpg
Wet Weight: 291 lb
Top Speed: 75 mph (est)