What is 18x optical zoom equal to?

28- to 504 -mm
Its 18x optical zoom is equivalent to a 28- to 504 -mm lens for a film camera. Its range is wide enough for shooting in both tight quarters and at great distances.

What is 20x optical zoom equivalent to?

The real, phsycial focal length of the lens is 5-100mm. Its “focal length equivalent” is from 28-560mm (which is where the 20x number comes from, and also approximates what the focal length of lenses would have to be on a 35mm film camera or full-frame dSLR.)

What is 10x optical zoom equivalent to?

10x is the optical zoom, roughly equivalent to a 20-200mm lens on an SLR camera. It’s pretty good. The 4x Zoom means that beyond the 10x optical zoom, the camera will electronically jack it up another 4 times. However, it does so by blowing up the pixels and it can make the photos grainy.

What is 15x optical zoom in mm?

It’s a 15x optical zoom – the equivalent, in 35mm terms, to 24-360 mm – and is a 24mm ultra-wide angle chunk of LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR glass.

What does 6x optical zoom mean?

The longer the focal length, the closer the subject became to you, or so it appeared. 6x zoom means 6x the shortest end of the zoom range. So a 35-70mm lens would be a 2x lens. 2x 35 = 70.

What is 15x optical zoom?

What does 16x digital zoom mean?

Zooms on digital camcorders are defined by how many times closer to an object your video will look as compared to using no zoom at all. For instance, a 10x zoom will bring you 10 times closer to an object, whereas a 100x zoom will bring you 100 times closer. Nikon.

What does 15x zoom mean?

The 15x of the macro lens refers to the lens’s “magnification factor”. You could think of it sort of like a 15x magnifying glass for your phone’s camera. The macro lens allows you to place your camera extremely close to a subject to capture super-detailed photographs.

What’s the mm equivalent of 8/10/18x etc optical zoom?

Re: What’s the mm equivalent of 8, 10, 18X etc optical zoom? If your camera is a FZ28, the equivalent focal lengths are 27 mm to 486 mm, other cameras have different range, the 18 X as pointed by the other replys, is the ratio of them.

How much stronger is a 2x zoom?

2 You can make it stronger, the 2x and 3x zooms are nearly always much higher image quality and often build quality than the 8x and 10x zooms from the same brand. The classic zoom in both the Canon and Nikon lines is the 70-200, just a bit under 3x.

Is 18x a good range for Zoom?

18x is a very wide range. For DSLR zooms, it seems 10x is pushing it. For these type of ‘superzooms’ they seem to centre the lens so it goes from reasonably wide (24 or 28mm) to reasonably long (240 or 280mm oe less).

What does 35mm focal length with 10x optical zoom mean?

This means that if the camera you’re buying says 35 mm focal length with a 10x optical zoom, this means the minimum distance of the lens is 35 mm and the maximum zoomed-in distance would be 350 mm.