What has replaced Armslist?

If ArmsList is the Craigslist of guns, GunBroker is eBay. The site gives off a clean, trustworthy, professional vibe. Like eBay, GunBroker displays seller ratings, allows you to pick favorite sellers, see how many views/bids an item has and add a seller to your favorites.

How much does an Armslist account cost?

ARMSLIST vs GunBroker

ARMSLIST Premium Vendor
Application fees NONE
Commercial Use YES
FFL Sells $2,500 a month $30/month subscription fee
FFL Sells $25,000 a month $30/month subscription fee

Can you buy AR lowers in NY?

Yes, it is possible to own an AR15 in New York State while remaining SAFE Act compliant and the process isn’t as complicated as you may think. You do not need a special license and you do not need to register your AR15 as an assault weapon if you follow these 5 simple steps.

Can I order a gun online in NYS?

A New York state law passed in 2013 requires sellers to ensure that all buyers undergo a background check through a federal firearms dealer even if they arrange to purchase the gun online, but there is no oversight to make sure they do so.

Is there another website like Armslist?

According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, armslist.com’s top three competitors are gunsamerica.com (with 2.1M), gunsinternational.com (with 1.3M), and gunlistings.org (with 89.4K). gunauction.com ranks fourth and midwayusa.com ranks fifth with 488.5K and 9.9M, respectively.

Did Armslist get shut down?

Armslist is now dead: Where to post AR15 for sale or consignment options.

Can you buy 80% lowers in NY?

Among the changes are the fact that that it will be illegal to possess an unfinished receiver or an unfinished frame often referred to as an eighty percent lower. It becomes illegal to possess these unfinished frames or receivers from six months after the date the law becomes effective.

Are ghost guns legal ny?

The legislation package bans the possession and sale of so-called “ghost guns,” or firearms assembled from unserialized components. Gunsmiths and dealers will be required to serialize any unserialized firearms, frames, and receivers they currently possess.

Can New Yorkers buy guns in other states?

New York State Laws — Rifles and Shotguns New York residents do not need permits to purchase rifles or shotguns in New York state, and it is legal to purchase them in neighboring states and carry them into New York, as long as the purchaser is otherwise eligible to possess a rifle or shotgun.

What happens if you order a gun?

Under federal law, a person could face 10 years in jail as well as $250,000 in fines if they help someone obtain a gun by purchasing the gun on their behalf from a federally licensed dealer without disclosing the actual recipient. Despite the fact that this happens quite frequently, it is rarely prosecuted.

Is GunsAmerica com legit?

GunsAmerica allowed a fraudulent seller to list on their site. 5 days AFTER I sent the seller a money order, they informed me it was a fraud Occasionally I will buy a firearm on line. Recently, I TRIED to purchase one from GunsAmerica.com and here’s what happened.