What happened to Trevor Leblanc from Army Wives?

At the end of Season 1 Trevor is deployed to Iraq on his first tour and is promoted to Specialist while overseas. He returns home in Season 2 after being injured.

What happened to Claudia Joy on Army Wives?

It was revealed at the beginning of Season 7 that Claudia Joy died of heart failure before the season started.

Did Pamela leave Army Wives?

Pamela Kathleen Moran is a fictional character from the television series Army Wives, which airs on Lifetime in the United States….

Pamela Moran
First appearance “A Tribe Is Born” 1×01, June 3, 2007 (as main cast)
Last appearance “From the Ashes” 7×02, March 17, 2013 (as recurring cast)

Do Trevor and Roxy get divorced?

Do Trevor and Roxy get divorced? They begin divorce proceedings towards the end of Season 6 after Hector had an affair with and impregnates a girl named Penny. She goes back to New York as she missed her family but returns to Fort Marshall before Roxy moves to Tacoma with Trevor.

Do Pam and Chase get divorced?

Although he and Pamela divorced in Season 4, Chase realized that he is still in love with her. In the 5th season, Chase decides to leave Delta Force and become an instructor in order to stay around the kids and hopefully reunite with Pamela. They get re-married and eventually move to California in the 6th season.

What is Kim Delaney doing today?

She currently recurs on Chicago Fire and recently recurred on Crackle’s The Oath. Delaney is repped by The Gersh Agency, Wonder Street and LINK Entertainment.

Does Jeremy Sherwood died in Army Wives?

The shocking death of soldier Jeremy Sherwood (Richard Bryant), fatally wounded in the line of duty in Afghanistan on the March 27 episode of Army Wives, left not only the show’s characters and fans shaken, but also the close-knit cast and crew. “Some were angry,” admits executive producer Jeff Melvoin.

What happened Pamela Moran?

Pamela once ditched her police career to focus on her family, but she’s back on the force now — and was even offered a detective position in Atlanta. Pamela may have had to leave post after divorcing Chase in Season 4, but she still remains an honorary Army wife within her group of friends.

Is Penny pregnant with Hector’s baby?

Brown!? Meanwhile, Hector’s life changed drastically in the course of one episode and I’m wondering if Gloria’s has too. Penny, the woman Hector got pregnant when he cheated on Gloria, is about ready to deliver. Gloria has stepped in as her caretaker since she has no one and Gloria is a lovely human being.

Are they still filming Army Wives?

The cable network’s longest-running series will end with a two-hour retrospective set for next year.

Why did Sally Pressman leave Army Wives?

“Sally, just like Kim, has been a huge part of the show’s success,” notes Wives‘ boss, adding that Pressman’s real-life pregnancy will likely limit her participation to the first couple of episodes. RELATED| Army Wives‘ Brigid Brannagh Joins NBC Medical Drama After Hours

What does the cast of Army wives earn?

Officer Clayton Boone. Officer Clayton Boone (portrayed by Lee Tergesen) is a colleague of Pamela Moran at the fictional Columbia County Metro Police.

  • David Burton.
  • Betty Camden.
  • Chief.
  • Major General Kevin Clarke.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Evan Connor.
  • Jennifer Connor.
  • Captain Nicole Galassini.
  • Lenore Baker Ludwig.
  • Charlie Mayfield.
  • Why was Army Wives cancelled?

    why was army wives cancelled – Yahoo Search Results Lifetime has canceled Army Wives after seven seasons, the network announced Tuesday. Because the series was not renewed for an eighth season,…

    How many seasons in Army Wives?

    by Trevor Kimball, September 24, 2013. Lifetime has cancelled Army Wives, their long-running drama, after seven seasons. While there won’t be an eighth season, the cable channel has plans for a