What happened to the Duke and pipsqueak?

The Duke was among those to escape, but Pipsqueak stayed behind, so the two parted ways. Pipsqueak was sent to a prison near the Fire Nation Capital with the rest of the invasion force, excluding Hakoda. Pipsqueak and the rest of the invasion force were freed after Fire Lord Ozai was defeated.

Is Smellerbee a boy or girl?

Smellerbee’s gender was never truly stated until “The Serpent’s Pass” when Iroh commented on Smellerbee being an “unusual name for a young man”, only for Smellerbee to bluntly correct him, saying she was a girl. It was pointed out in the Avatar Extras for “Jet” that some people believed she was a boy.

What happened to Jets Team Avatar?

Jet was captured by the Dai Li after a failed attempt to expose Prince Zuko and Iroh as firebenders when they fled to the city. Jet was killed by Long Feng when he attempted to help Team Avatar to free Appa from captivity, who was being held by Long Feng in Lake Laogai.

What happened Longshot avatar?

When the Fire Nation Army arrived as well and a battle ensued, Longshot aided Smellerbee in her fight against Sneers and Kori, though they were soon broken up by Sokka. The fight was halted when an enraged Avatar Aang entered the Avatar State and separated Longshot and the other invaders from the city.

What happened Jeong Jeong?

Jeong Jeong dissipated the wall completely, leaving no trace of wild fire to spread and harm the surrounding environment. Aang subsequently arrived at the scene, and with a grin, Jeong Jeong conjured up an immense mass of flames and disappeared, leaving Aang to deal with Zhao and his men.

Is Long Feng a bender?

Long Feng was a powerful earthbender. As an agent of the Dai Li himself, Long Feng was one of the most powerful earthbenders in Ba Sing Se. Though he preferred to use other people as pawns instead of facing his enemies directly, he displayed considerable earthbending skills on numerous occasions.

Is Jet Based on Spike?

Canipa on Twitter: “Jet’s design was based on Spike from Cowboy Bebop https://t.co/pR8939NVkM” / Twitter.

What happened to Smellerbee and Longshot?