What happened to the actor who played Bodie in The Professionals?

The Professionals star Lewis Collins has died aged 67, his agent has said. The actor, who played Bodie in the cult 1970s TV series, alongside Martin Shaw, died in Los Angeles after a five-year struggle with cancer. His agent said: “He died peacefully at his LA home surrounded by his family.

Is Lewis Collins dead?

Deceased (1946–2013)Lewis Collins / Living or Deceased

When did Lewis Collins The actor died?

November 27, 2013Lewis Collins / Date of death

Who is Lewis Collins wife?

Michelle LarrettLewis Collins / Wife (m. 1992–2013)
Collins married Michelle Larrett, a school-teacher, in 1992. The couple had three sons; Oliver, Elliot and Cameron.

Did Bodie and Doyle get on in real life?

THEY were British TV’s most popular crime-fighting chums of the 1980s but Martin Shaw admits that he and his The Professionals co-star Lewis Collins could barely stand each other behind the scenes.

Why did Martin Shaw not like The Professionals?

The Professionals made Shaw a household name, and he hated it. For years he wouldn’t talk about the show. At one point he stopped repeats being shown by refusing to sign for what he regarded as a derisory repeats fee. Newspapers suggested he was ungrateful, or that he thought himself too grand for showbiz fame.

How old is Gordon Jackson?

66 years (1923–1990)Gordon Jackson / Age at death

Gordon Jackson, an actor known to millions of television viewers as Hudson, the archetypal butler in the popular series ”Upstairs, Downstairs,” died on Sunday in Cromwell Hospital in London. He was 66 years old.

Was Lewis Collins married?

Michelle LarrettLewis Collins / Spouse (m. 1992–2013)

Is Martin Shaw married?

Mary MandsfieldMartin Shaw / Spouse (m. 1985–1992)

What happened to Martin Shaw’s cheek?

The scar on Martin’s right cheek was the result of a vicious attack by muggers. His cheekbone had to be replaced by a plastic plate. He gave up alcohol after this attack and is also a strict vegetarian and a non-smoker.

Did Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins like each other?

Martin Shaw remarked that at the time he was offered the role of Ray Doyle, he only accepted because there weren’t many other offers of work. Unlike the on screen camaraderie between Doyle and Bodie, Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins had little time for each other.

Is Gordon Jackson dead?

January 15, 1990Gordon Jackson / Date of death