What happened to pioneer power meters?

Pioneer Exits Power Meter Business as Shimano Buys Their Cycling Business. Pioneer announced today that as part of an agreement with Shimano, quietly penned back in December, they’ll be exiting the cycling business. That includes ending their power meter and bike computer product sales.

Are Stages power meters reliable?

All things considered, the Stages Power LR is an accurate and reliable power meter, and a great option for cyclists who want a dual-sided power meter based around a Shimano crankset.

Which power meter is most accurate?

Best Power Meters

  • Garmin Rally RS200 power pedal. The complete power meter pedal system.
  • Favero Assioma Duo pedals. Accurate and affordable for multiple bike owners.
  • Wahoo Powrlink Zero power meter pedals.
  • SRM X-Power pedals.
  • Rotor INspider.
  • Quarq DZero.
  • Stages Power LR Ultegra R8000.
  • SRM Origin.

What is a pioneer power meter?

The Pioneer Power meter (or SGY-PM910H) is the second generation of the original Pedaling Monitor System we reviewed last year. Released in February 2014, this revamped version offers a far cleaner look and setup along with a lower price.

Who bought Pioneer Powermeters?

Now What? Pioneer announced today that they will transfer their CycloSphere power meters and other cycling assets to Shimano. The news comes 6 years after the electronics giant entered the cycling world with a radical concept – a dual sided power meter.

Does Pioneer meter need magnets?

The magnets are not required when the power meter is in it’s default ANT+ Mode, you can install on the bike and pair it to any ANT+ compatible cycle computer as “power”; spin the crank to wake the sensors and the system is ready to pair and transmit power data.

Why are Powermeters so expensive?

Because power meters are apparently so labor intensive to produce, no company can easily manufacture the huge quantities that might otherwise help offset the costs.

Is stages compatible with Garmin?

Once set up, any workouts you complete and save on the Garmin will be uploaded through your phone to Garmin Connect, and then synced to Stages Link automatically within the next few minutes after they’ve been uploaded through your phone.

What power meters do pros use?

Best power meters reviewed

  • Quarq DZero DUB Power Meter Spider. Best crank based power meter.
  • S-Works Power Cranks. Best high-end crank-based power meter.
  • Shimano Dura-Ace R9100-P power meter.
  • FSA Powerbox power meter.
  • Favero Assioma Duo Pedals.
  • Garmin Rally pedals.
  • 4iiii Precision power meter.

How do you calibrate a pioneer meter?


  1. Spin the cranks backwards a few times to wake up the power meter.
  2. Position the cranks in a horizontal position (3 and 9 o’clock)
  3. On your bicycle computer or Garmin Connect app, navigate to the calibration page and select Calibrate.
  4. You should receive a message saying “Calibration Successful”

How do I wake up my Pioneer Power Meter?

Check both Left and Right boxes and enter the ANT+ ID for each side, select [Pedaling Mode]. Be sure to rotate the crank 3 to 4 times to wake up the Sensors during this process.

How does the pioneer power meter system work?

Because the Pioneer power meter system is dual-leg, it means that you’ll see this on both sides. This allows it to measure both legs independently, and then combine that data to ultimately give you total power. In addition to that, you’ll find on the drive side (that’s the side with your chainrings) that you’ve also got a pod nestled in there.

What is the stages power meter?

Unlike previous power meters at the time (cranks or hubs), the Stages was a left side crank arm measuring left leg power only. This meant you simply swapped out your current crank arm for a new, power equipped one. Easy stuff! It was also the first power meter to use both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART wireless protocols.

What is the difference between 4iiii and Stages Power meters?

4iiii is on their 2nd generation of power meter. They offer both the PRECISION (CR2032) and the Podium (rechargeable). Unlike the Stages however, 4iiii power meters are only compatible with Shimano road and MTB cranksets.

How does the Stages Cycling left-side power meter work?

Stages Cycling shook up the power meter market in 2012 with the introduction of their left-side crank arm power meter. Unlike previous power meters at the time, the Stages measured left leg power only. This meant you simply swapped out your current crank arm for a new, power equipped one.