What happened to Matrone in 7de Laan?

Annelize van der Ryst, who plays Matrone on the popular SABC2 soap revealed on Thursday that her cousin Dawie stopped the car then got out to take one last look at their house and possessions, then collapsed and died.

Why did Willem leave 7de Laan?

Welman moved overseas after finding out Willem had cheated on her. In reality, Kristen Raath took a break from 7de Laan to focus on other passions. “I wanted to experience new things apart from acting and I wanted to grow from within,” she says. Raath spent a lot of time focusing on her music in 2019.

Who is the new girl in 7de Laan?

Linda Sokhulu
Linda Sokhulu joins 7de Laan as hard-working, go getter Tumi. She recently joined the current season of 7de Laan as medical doctor Tumi, an eloquent, confident, and assertive woman from a wealthy family. Linda Sokhulu tells us about her new role as Tumi.

Why is 7de Laan not on?

SABC reducing episodes of 7de Laan, Muvhango to make space for new local content. The public broadcaster announced last week it was scaling back the number of episodes it airs for its iconic Afrikaans and Venda soaps.

Who plays Matrone in 7de Laan?

Annelize van der Ryst
7de Laan (TV Series 2000– ) – Annelize van der Ryst as Matrone Netta Nortje – IMDb.

Is Hilda from 7de Laan married?

Yes, she was married to Oubaas van Zyl.

Is Esti returning to 7de Laan?

Esti woke up from the coma and discovered that Rickus divorced her, and got back together with Marko. Actress Reandi Grey, who plays the role of Esti Fouche on SABC 2’s Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan, surprised viewers when she returned this week after lying in a coma for a year.

Who is the mysterious woman in 7de Laan?

The audiences are thrilled to know that the unseen character that has been on the show for more than two decades could finally be known to them. Actress Linda Sokhulu recently joined season 23 of the show as Tumi Selepe a medical doctor and Evelina’s granddaughter who’s in search for answers.

How old is Linda Sokhulu?

45 years (September 13, 1976)Linda Sokhulu / Age

Is 7de Laan ending?

“SABC brought 7deLaan back for five days so the episodes that the production was shooting will last them up to the end of December 2021.”

Is Esti from 7de Laan coming back?