What episode of SpongeBob is life of crime?

Life of Crime (Episode)

Life of Crime
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Episode No.: 27b
Season: 2
Airdate: 5 May 2001

What episode is SpongeBob A police?

“Call the Cops” is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 11. In this episode, Plankton goes to jail, but the secret formula is taken as evidence, so SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs try to get it back.

What episode is life insurance in SpongeBob?

If you were looking for the article about the contract, then see Life Insurance (contract). “Life Insurance” is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 10. In this episode, a misunderstanding leads SpongeBob and Patrick to try and prove to Squidward that their life insurance protects them from any danger.

What episode is free balloon day?

Life of Crime
Episode(s): National Free Balloon Day is an event that the Bikini Bottomites celebrate annually, where balloons are sold for free. It is celebrated in the episode “Life of Crime” and the book Crime and Funishment.

What are the cops names in SpongeBob?


  • Al Priss (police chief)
  • Several Incidental 118s.
  • Cop female.
  • Cop.
  • Incidental 118A.
  • Incidental 118D.
  • Highway Speed Patrol.
  • Policeman 2.

Is Free Balloon Day Real?

According to SpongeBob’s official account on Twitter, this holiday is celebrated on December 27.

What holidays SpongeBob celebrate?

Fictional holidays

Holiday Date Note
Bikini Bottom Annual Free Day March 8 A day when all products are free, or as thought to be by Mr. Krabs.
National No SpongeBob Day August 15 A day where all of Bikini Bottom gets away from SpongeBob and Patrick respectively.
National No Patrick Day
Porpoise Day August 17