What drug is yak slang for?

Testifying against five alleged leaders of the notorious 137th Street gang called “Goons on Deck,” Detective Alfred Hernandez of the NYPD Drug Enforcement Task Force told jurors that “yak” means “crack” and “scud” marijuana.

What is the drink yak?

Detective Hernandez told the court that ‘yak’ was a rhyming code for crack cocaine, while ‘scud’ referred to marijuana. But Mr Rothman had a far more innocent translation, saying that his client was merely referring to alcohol and women. Mr Rothman said that, in Layne’s world, ‘yak’ was a contraction of cognac.

What is Scud drug?

Scud is cephalosporin antibiotic, prescribed for certain bacterial infections. It kills sensitive bacteria.

Is yak a lean?

Yak is as lean as venison or bison (about 5 percent fat, compared to about 15 percent for beef), and, to some, tastes juicier, sweeter and more delicate.

What does Yack mean in slang?

to talk
Yack is a slang term that means to talk, especially aimlessly, without stopping, and about unimportant things. It is also spelled yak.

Does yak mean liquor?

The slang term “Yak” is a verb and noun that is used to reference multiple things, it has three meanings. Kodak Black often referrs to himself as Yak. Yak means to throw up. Yak is known as Cognac liquor.

What drug is jelly beans?

Crack Cocaine

51s 151s 501s
Issues Jelly Beans Johnson
Kangaroo Kokoma Kryptonite
Love Mixed Jive Moon Rock
Nickel Nuggets One-Fifty-One

What drug is buff?

Phenacetin (Super Buff) – Pharmaceutical drug used as a painkiller and to treat fever before acetaminophen was invented. – Taken off the market in 1978 because it was shown to cause certain cancers when taken for long periods of time.

How big is a yak?

770 – 1,300 lbsMale, Domesticated
500 – 560 lbsFemale, Domesticated
Domestic yak/Mass

Does yak mean puke?

Yak does not mean vomit. It is slang for “chat”, and the past is yakked.

What does Yappin mean?

Slang. to talk shrilly, noisily, or foolishly. verb (used with object), yapped, yap·ping. to utter by yapping.