What does the word reparation?

Definition of reparation 1a : a repairing or keeping in repair. b reparations plural : repairs. 2a : the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury. b : something done or given as amends or satisfaction.

What is the meaning of phrase in Marathi?

phrase in Marathi: वाक्यांश

What is the meaning of precis writing in Marathi?

सारांश make a précis of (a text or speech). a summary or abstract of a text or speech. translation of ‘precis’

What does reparations mean in history?

reparations, a levy on a defeated country forcing it to pay some of the war costs of the winning countries. Reparations were levied on the Central Powers after World War I to compensate the Allies for some of their war costs.

What are synonyms for reparations?

synonyms for reparation

  • apology.
  • atonement.
  • indemnity.
  • payment.
  • redress.
  • remuneration.
  • renewal.
  • repayment.

What is meaning of reading comprehension in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: reading comprehension. Reading comprehension : वाचन आकलन

What is précis writing?

Precis writing is a summary or a gist of a comprehensive passage that is supposed to cover all the details and important aspects of the passage and convey the summary with the use of minimal words.

What is the meaning of reparations in history?

the making of amends for wrong or injury done: reparation for an injustice. Usually reparations. compensation in money, material, labor, etc., payable by a defeated country to another country or to an individual for loss suffered during or as a result of war. restoration to good condition. repair 1(def 7).

How much reparation should be paid to Yang?

As reparation, the court ordered $563 to be paid out to Yang and required the clinic to post an apology on its website. Because of the obligation to make reparation that a crime against humanity always imposes. Three years on, the demands for some kind of reparation have reached fever pitch.

How did reparations affect the rise of Hitler?

After World War I, heavy reparation debts were imposed on Germany by Britain, France, and the other victorious nations. Resentment over these reparations aided the rise of Adolf Hitler.