What does the Luksic family own in Chile?

The Luksic’s Quiñenco holding company has interests in rail roads, mining, banking, breweries, shipping, television, energy and telecom. The impression is that the Luksic family has a stake in almost everything that goes on in Chile.

Who is the Luksic family?

The Luksic Family In education, the Luksic family seeks to inspire both individuals and communities to be leaders and entrepreneurs in Chile and throughout the world. Since the second half of the 20th century, the Luksic family has created one of the most dynamic economic groups in Chile’s history.

How did the Luksic family expand their business?

The political turbulence experienced in the early 1970s – a time when private business was not encouraged – caused the Luksic family to look elsewhere for opportunity. They expanded their business interests in Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil where the Luksic’s again acquired stakes in an eclectic range of businesses.

What is Antonio Luksic known for?

Antonio Andrónico Luksic Abaroa (5 November 1926 – 18 August 2005) was a Chilean businessman from a family of Croatian origin. He founded the Luksic Group, becoming the richest person in Chile, the fourth in Latin America, and the 132nd in the world, with a net worth in 2005 of US$ 4.2 billion according to Forbes magazine.

Is Croatia the new home of the Luksic family?

With Croatia becoming the newest member of the European Union and a place safe for business, the Luksic family is at long last returning to its roots. Property is being snatched up left, right, and centre.

Who is Luksic Abaroa?

The son of immigrants, a Croatian father and Bolivian mother, Luksic Abaroa was born, raised, and educated in the northern city of Antofagasta. Surrounded by the Atacama Desert and more than 1,300 kilometers from the capital of the country, his childhood forever marked what would become his vocation: mining.