What does the C stand for in C3PO?

One of NASA programs to collaborate with the private sector in the development of commercial space transportation it’s named ‘C3PO’, acronym for Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office.

Does Battlefront 2 have Boba Fett?

The Character Boba Fett is one of the playable Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, and aligns himself with the Separatists, The Empire, and The New Order. He comes equipped with his signature jetpack and wrist mounted rocket launcher.

Where is Rhen Var?

the Outer Rim Territories
Rhen Var was a planet situated near the Tion Cluster in the Outer Rim Territories and one of the former Thanium Worlds. It was the first planet in the Tobali system. Throughout the history of the Galactic Republic, Rhen Var was covered in ice, rendering it almost uninhabitable.

Does Battlefront 2 have Cloud City?

The Cloud Car is basically the DeLorean of the Star Wars universe: Weirdly striking to look at, but not actually useful as a real vehicle. And yet. Star Wars Battlefront II puts the Cloud Car front-and-center in a memorable mission that takes protagonist Iden Versio to Bespin.

Why is C-3PO’s arm red?

A bunch of droids, C-3PO and the FO protocol droid included, escaped in a pod and crashed on a harsh acidic planet. A creature ripped off 3PO’s arm, while the acid rain began to corrode the other protocol droid’s inferior metal casing. In doing so, the grey paint was burned off, revealing the red metal underneath.

What is c3pos real name?

In the original first draft script C3PO was actually just named C3. A July 1974 First Draft Star Wars script (eBay item 110734818187) shows his original name was C-3, who says on page 63 to General Skywalker, “I’m C-3: Human Cyborg Relations. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.” R2D2 is called A-2 and speaks English.

Can you aim with Boba Fett?

Re: Boba fett console aim One major downside to console is the inability to map keys to whatever you want. The reason Boba’s aim is there is because his jet pack is bound to the left trigger, which would usually be aim down sight for normal circumstances.

Is Jango Fett in Star Wars Battlefront?

Jango Fett is a Mandalorian bounty hunter that appears as a Hero unit for Confederacy of Independent Systems in Pandemic Studios’ Star Wars: Battlefront II.