What does the bar spoon look like?

The American bar spoon has a twisted handle and, usually, a plastic cap on the end, the European bar spoon has a flat muddler/crusher, and the Japanese bar spoon is heavier with a weighted teardrop shape opposite the bowl.

What is the purpose of bar spoon?

A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon used for mixing and layering spirits.

Why are bartender spoons so long?

A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon used in bartending for mixing and layering of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks. Its length ensures that it can reach the bottom of the tallest jug or tumbler to mix ingredients directly in the glass.

What is a bartender spoon?

The bar spoon is one of the most underrated yet most necessary tools found behind the bar. Bar spoons allow bartenders to mix drinks and integrate ingredients together in a method different to that of shaking. There are a few types of bar spoons available, yet the basic functionality of them is the same.

How many Oz is a bar spoon?

Just remember that one bar spoon is equivalent to 5ml or ⅙ oz.

Why is there a spiral on a bar spoon?

As the bartender stirs, they twirl and twist with a smooth motion to ensure that their spoon touches every ice cube and prevents any potential splashes. The twisted handle also works quicker since it covers more surface area without breaking up concentration during the process of stirring drinks like cocktails .

What is a bar spoon called?

This spoon is sometimes called a muddler because that is the purpose of the flat disk – muddle soft ingredients like herbs. The flat disk can also help in the layering technique. By pouring the liquid along the twisted handle, letting it land and settle on the disk and allowing it to layer beautifully.

How do you use a bar spoon layer?

Layering. Aside from stirring your cocktails and measuring ingredients, the bar spoon can be used to layer drinks. For floating an ingredient like Bailey’s, the back of the bar spoon is placed over the first layer of liquor, allowing the added liquid to spread slowly without mixing with the rest of the drink.