What does Roger do to the Littluns?

One vicious boy named Roger joins another boy, Maurice, in cruelly stomping on a sand castle the littluns have built. Roger even throws stones at one of the boys, although he does remain careful enough to avoid actually hitting the boy with his stones.

What do Roger and Maurice do to upset the Littluns?

The focus narrows to the littluns’ subculture and three of the littluns interacting as they play with one of their sandcastles. Then Roger and Maurice emerge from the jungle and deliberately destroy some of the sandcastles on their way to the beach.

Does Roger enjoy tormenting the Littluns?

Roger suggests making a fort at the top of the cliff. Roger enjoys tormenting the littluns. Percival is the first to see the beast from air.

What do Maurice and Roger do to the Littluns in Chapter 4?

As the biguns Roger and Maurice torment the littluns by destroying their sandcastles, they still hear in their heads the reprimanding adult voices of the civilization they left behind.

How does Roger treat the Littluns what does he do to Henry?

Initially, in a mean-spirited prank, Roger throws rocks at the unsuspecting littlun, Henry, but he throws them so that they miss, surrounded as Henry is by “the protection of parents and school and policeman and the law.

Is Roger a Littlun?

The Bigguns The name ‘bigguns’ doesn’t have as distinct a beginning as ‘littluns,’ and pretty much just came up so that the older boys’ group also had a name. The bigguns are the group that most of the story revolves around and includes Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Roger, Sam, Eric, and Bill.

Why does Roger throwing stones at the Littluns?

Why does Roger, throwing stones at the littluns, aim just to miss? He wants to instill fear into their hearts, and he aims to miss because he is still bound by the rules of society.

How do they treat the Littluns?

Ralph is respectful and somewhat gentle with the littleuns, and is willing to listen to them at meetings. Jack treats them differently. He is not respectful or polite to them, and doesn’t take them seriously at all. He dismisses any concerns that they have, and looks down on them.

What role do Roger and Maurice play in this section of the book analyze their characterization and the potential role later in the story?

What role do Roger and Maurice play in this section of the book? Analyze their characterization and potential role later in the story. They are there to antagonize the littluns. They cruelly stomp on a sand castle the littluns have built.

Why does Roger throw stones at the Littluns?

Why does Roger throw stones around Henery but never at him? He throws the rocks due to their being no parental authority telling him not to, but he himself doesn’t hit Henry with the rocks because that isn’t how Roger grew up to behave as when he was learning as a child.

What does Littlun mean?

Little one
Noun. littlun (plural littluns) (informal) Little one; a child or a young animal.

What does the Littluns represent?

The littluns represent innocence. They are young boys who retain their childishness on the island. They run around, play, and eat fruit, and rely on the bigus to do the real work. While they have fun on the island, the littluns are negatively affected by their circumstances.