What does PSV mean in PSV Eindhoven?

Philips Sport Vereniging
Philips factory workers set up the Dutch soccer club in Eindhoven in 1913, and ‘PSV’ stands for ‘Philips Sport Vereniging’.

How good are PSV Eindhoven?

The team has won the Eredivisie 24 times, the KNVB Cup ten times and the Johan Cruyff Shield a record of twelve times. Currently (as of May 2021), PSV is ranked 56th on the UEFA club coefficients ranking.

Why did Roger Schmidt leave PSV?

Roger Schmidt will leave the role at the end of the season when his contract expires and Van Nistelrooy has agreed a deal that will run until 2025. He scored 62 goals in 67 league appearances for PSV before moving to Manchester United in 2001.

How much is PSV Eindhoven worth?

As of season 2021/22, PSV had a total market value of approximately 174 million euros. Cody Gakpo and Carlos Vinícius were worth the most, as their (transfer) value was set at 19.8 million euros.

Which league is PSV Eindhoven?

UEFA Europa LeagueKNVB Cup

Who is PSV captain?

Marco van Ginkel
PSV head coach Roger Schmidt has confirmed at the press conference ahead of Wednesday’s clash with Galatasaray that Marco van Ginkel will be the new club captain, with Cody Gakpo becoming vice-captain.

What does PSV stand for?

PSV Pressure, Support, Ventilation Medical » Physiology
PSV Public Service Vehicle Governmental » US Government — and more…
PSV Platform Supply Vessel Miscellaneous » Shipping & Sailing
PSV Passenger Service Vehicle Governmental » Transportation — and more…
PSV Philips Sport Vereniging Business » Companies & Firms

Where is PSV located?

Eindhoven, Netherlands

What is PSV Eindhoven stadium called?

The Philips Stadion
The Philips Stadion is the home ground of PSV. This beautiful, modern stadium is located in the centre of Eindhoven, in exactly the same place where the sports park was located when the Philips Sport Vereniging was founded in 1913.

How do I get PSV Eindhoven?

Philips Stadion is located on the edge of Eindhoven’s city centre, which means it is only a 5 to 10-minute walk from Eindhoven’s main shopping areas and central train station. Exit the train station on the city centre side, turn right, and follow the avenue until the stadium shows up in front of you.

What league is PSV Eindhoven in?

Does PSV have a UCL?

Philips Sport Vereniging is a Dutch football club based in Eindhoven….PSV Eindhoven in European football.

Champions League 1 1988
Europa League 1 1978
Cup Winners’ Cup 0
Super Cup 0