What does Phoenix learn through her journey?

What, if anything, does Phoenix learn throughout her journey? She didn’t learn anything because she already has experienced almost everything.

What does the name Phoenix symbolize in a worn path?

That Phoenix shares a name with such a creature reflects her indefatigable nature, her constant striving towards her goal, as well as her unflagging optimism and high spirits. The name also suggests Phoenix’s longevity: though the story takes place in 1941, she was already too old in 1865 to go to school.

What happens in a worn path?

“A Worn Path” is a short story by Eudora Welty. It was published in Atlantic Monthly magazine in 1941. The story describes a journey by an elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson, who must walk a long way into Natchez from her home in rural Mississippi to retrieve medicine for her grandson.

Why will she buy her grandson a windmill?

She buys it for her grandson, who she made the journey for. The paper windmill symbolizes selflessness and generosity that should be given during a persons lifetime. Jackson went far out of her way and into town to purchase this paper windmill for her grandson with the last bit of money that she had.

What kind of character is Phoenix Jackson in a worn path?

Phoenix, an aged and frail but also fierce woman (she was born into slavery in the pre-Civil-War South, though the story takes place in 1940), will not allow anything in her path to stop her from getting to her end goal, which is to retrieve medicine in town for her grandson.

Who is the protagonist of a worn path?

Old Phoenix Jackson is the protagonist of the story.

Why does the nurse label Phoenix stubborn?

Phoenix is stubborn because she continues to make the trip. Phoenix should bring her grandson with her to see th doctor. the grandson never gets better because his throat will never heal.

Is the grandson dead in a worn path?

Phoenix’s belief that he is still alive could be the result of old age and losing her memory, making it hard to remember and easier to move on with life and feel she has a purpose. In conclusion, Eudora Welty hides clues throughout the story to inform you that Phoenix Jackson’s grandson is unfortunately dead.

Why is Phoenix an appropriate name for the main character in a worn path?

“A Worn Path,” one of her best-known stories, depicts an elderly African-American woman walking into town to get her grandson’s medicine. The woman’s name is Phoenix, alluding to the mythological bird said to rise from its own ashes.

How do Welty’s descriptions of Phoenix’s?

In the story’s opening paragraph, Phoenix Jackson is described as “very old and small” as “she walked slowly in the dark pine shadows.” She is further described as “moving a little from side to side in her steps” like the “pendulum in a grandfather clock.” In this way, Jackson is identified as a person of advanced age …

What are the obstacles in a worn path?

The first three tangible obstacles Phoenix Jackson encounters in “A Worn Path” are thorns, a log which crosses a creek, and a barbed-wire fence. Her age and economic status are more indirect obstacles that also make this journey difficult for Phoenix.

How does Phoenix know she is in the doctor’s office?

How does Phoenix know she is in the doctor’s office? Ans: As it had become night when she arrived at the town, she wasn’t able to see properly. Her weak eyes were unable to find out the proper way.

In what way does Phoenix’s journey symbolize the journey of life?

In “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, in what way does Phoenix’s journey symbolize the journey of life? It symbolizes working hard to achieve a goal. It symbolizes the battle of mankind against nature.

What is the significance of the title a worn path?

The meaning of the title “A Worn Path” displays the genuine habit of deep grained love. Phoenix knows exactly what her path endures and has traveled along this path over and over again for her grandson’s medicine. Her feet must follow its memorized journey in order to lead her to the clinic in the middle of town.

What is the resolution of a worn path?

It ends with the resolution of Phoenix deciding to get her grandson a paper windmill and then head home through the trail. When is the resolution of “A Worn Path?” The story is resolved when Phoenix decides to get her grandson a paper wind mill then head home by way of the trail.