What does I stay at your disposal mean?

Definition of at someone’s disposal : available for someone to use : available for whatever one needs We had plenty of money at our disposal.

How do you say I will remain at your disposal?

We remain at your disposal at any time and we will gladly help you with the choice of our products. We remain at your disposal at the address for any request or enquiry! We remain at your disposal. For any further information we remain at your disposal.

Is I remain at your disposal correct?

It’s grammatically correct, but also very uncommon. I’ve only seen that phrase used in an email once. A customer service rep offered to help me with my order and concluded with “I remain at your disposal”.

What does it mean to be at your mercy?

Definition of at someone’s or something’s mercy : in a position or situation in which one can be harmed by (someone or something one cannot control) The army advanced, and the people were at their mercy.

What is your disposition?

Someone’s disposition is their mood or general attitude about life. If your friend woke up on the wrong side of the bed, tell her that she might need a disposition makeover. Disposition means the positive or negative way a person views the world.

How do you use I remain in a letter?

“I remain” would be used in a very formal, and very old-fashioned, closing of a letter, but it would not go where you put it. The ‘I remain’ means that he was faithfully hers before he began to write the letter, and he is still faithfully hers.

What is the meaning of At Your Service?

Definition of at someone’s service : ready or available for someone’s use I am happy to be at your service if you have any questions. They made sure there was a car at her service when she got there.

How do you use disposal in a sentence?

Disposal sentence example

  1. He insisted on leaving the vehicle at my disposal in case I needed it.
  2. The disposal of the king was now the great question to be decided.
  3. He placed himself at the disposal of the military authorities and was sent to France as a major in the Grenadier Guards.

What does disposal mean in law?

Legal Definition of dispose of 1 : to transfer to the control or ownership of another disposed of the property by will. 2 : to deal with conclusively : determine finally received petitions for injunctions…

What does it mean to fall prey to something?

Definition of be/fall prey to 1 : to be killed by (an animal, disease, etc.) The deer fell prey to coyotes. Many people fell prey to disease. 2 : to be harmed or affected in a bad way by (someone or something) After the accident, she was prey to all kinds of anxieties. Some of his friends fell prey to drugs.

What does at the mercy of the wind mean?

1 compassionate treatment of or attitude towards an offender, adversary, etc., who is in one’s power or care; clemency; pity. 2 the power to show mercy.