What does EU261 cover?

The EU regulation 261/2004 is concerned with the following: It is intended for passengers who suffer delayed or cancelled flights, overbooking or denied boarding. Depending on the circumstances, and subject to certain conditions, it may give rise to a claim for compensation of between €250 and €600 per person.

Will fog cancel a flight?

Yes, most commercial aircraft are capable of landing in thick fog, but it can depend on the type of aircraft and the facilities associated with the runway and airport. Some planes can land when the visibility is as low as 75 metres.

Is fog an extraordinary circumstance?

Adverse weather conditions (“bad weather”) For example, snowstorms, thick fog, heavy rains, and other events hindering visibility are indeed “extraordinary circumstances”.

Does EU261 apply to UK after Brexit?

In preparation for life after Brexit, the UK Parliament passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, by which directly applicable EU legislation like EU261 would be incorporated into UK law after the end of the transition period, creating a new type of UK legislation known as “retained EU law”.

What are your rights if a flight is Cancelled?

But in a routine cancellation, you have two basic contractual rights on any airline, subject to minor variations: either (1) a seat on your original airline’s next available flight, or (2) a refund for the unused portion of your ticket. Some airlines go beyond those bare-bones rights.

Can I claim compensation for Cancelled flight?

Claim compensation for a cancelled flight You’re legally entitled to get compensation if the cancellation is the airline’s responsibility and both the following apply: the replacement flight delays your arrival by 2 or more hours. your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure.

Do airports close for fog?

Does the airport close during fog? No, the airport doesn’t close however flights may be slowed, delayed or diverted until the fog starts to clear and visibility returns to a safe level for pilots to land.

Does fog affect air travel?

While it’s great for the photographers out there, we all know that fog combined with air travel normally results in delays and disruption. Fogbound airports are forced to reduce the number of flights taking off and landing every hour.

Are flights delayed because of fog?

Qantas gives us an insight into fog and flight delays as a result. Fog is a challenge for all airlines. It reduces visibility around airports, meaning pilots simply can’t see enough to land safely. And that can cause some big delays.

What is classed as extraordinary circumstance in flight delays?

An ‘extraordinary circumstance’ is a situation in which there is the airline is not responsible for the problems with the flight. This includes the following situations: Extreme weather conditions during the flight, such as heavy fog or a storm. Natural disasters, such as a volcanic ash cloud.

How long do I have to claim EU261?

EU Reg 261 requires airlines to compensate passengers when flight delays or cancellations result in passengers reaching their final destination more than three hours later than originally scheduled. Passengers are only entitled to claim compensation if the delay or cancellation was within the airline’s control.

Does EU261 apply to non EU airlines?

EU261 Rules Are Now Applicable To Non-EU Carriers Operating For EU Airlines. Non-EU airlines must comply with EU261 rules if they operate a flight for an EU-based airline.