What does DCR mean in Massachusetts?

Department of Conservation & Recreation
Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR)

Who is the head of DCR Massachusetts?

Stephanie Cooper – Acting Commissioner – Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation | LinkedIn.

How do I get a Massachusetts state park pass?

Your driver’s license and vehicle must both be registered in Massachusetts to be eligible for an Annual Parking Pass. Passes are non-refundable and are valid for one calendar year – January 1st to December 31st. To apply, you’ll need: Massachusetts Driver’s license.

What does DCR stand for?


Acronym Definition
DCR Debt Coverage Ratio
DCR Dark Crisis (Yu-Gi-Oh! cards)
DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy (medical procedure)
DCR Director of Community Relations (various locations)

When was DCR created?

Measure M, passed by over 80% of voters in March 2017, gave the City Council the full authority to regulate cannabis-related activity within the City of Los Angeles. With that authority, the Department of Cannabis Regulation was established by ordinance on July 30, 2017.

Can I camp in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation offers camping at over thirty facilities across the state! Sleep under forest canopies in the Berkshires, or near the beach on Cape Cod. Campgrounds vary in what they offer, from showers and flush toilets to R.V. sites offering electric and water hook-ups.

Are Massachusetts state parks free?

Massachusetts state parks are free to enter and enjoy, but you may have to pay for parking.

Is there a pass for all state parks in the US?

The state park entrance pass system works differently in each state. Many states offer some sort of pass that allows for unlimited entry at most state parks, while others offer park passes on a park-by-park basis. A few states do not charge entry fees to their state parks and thus do not offer an entrance pass.

What does DCR mean in real estate?

Debt Coverage Ratio
Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) Debt Coverage Ratio, or DCR, also known as Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), is a metric that looks at a property’s income compared to its debt obligations. Properties with a DSCR of more than 1 are considered profitable, while those with a DSCR of less than one are losing money.

What is a DCR check?

DCR (dynamic contact resistance) testing is a great way to qualify a new reed sensor or relay to make sure that all tools involved are not adversely affecting the fragile reed switch. This is particularly true in any operation involving bending or forming the reed contacts, along with any over-molding of the reed.

Is there any BLM land in Massachusetts?

In 2013, there were 47,427 active leases covering 36.09 million acres of federal land nationwide. Of that total, no leases were in Massachusetts. In 2013, out of 3,770 new drilling leases approved nationwide by the BLM for oil and gas exploration, no leases were in Massachusetts.