What does Citrix FTA URL redirector do?

This FTA redirects certain protocols to the client, such as HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, or MMS. For example, if you only open embedded links with HTTP, the links directly open with the client application. There is no URL block list or allow list support.

How do I access Citrix from my browser?

Connect Azure Active Directory to Citrix Cloud….Integration with Citrix Workspace

  1. Sign in to Citrix Cloud.
  2. In the upper left menu, select Workspace Configuration.
  3. Select the Service Integrations tab.
  4. The Secure Browser service entry indicates Enabled. If it does not, click the ellipsis menu and select Enable.

How do I set browser content redirection?

To use browser content redirection with Chrome, add the browser content redirection extension from the Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome in the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. The extension is not required on the user’s client machine – only in the VDA.

What is Citrix FTA?

Citrix Metaframe Server FTA refers to a filter program for Host to Client Redirection – a feature that redirects URL launch requests from a VDA down to the default browser on the client.

How do I connect to Citrix at home?

  1. How users connect with the Citrix Secure Access agent.
  2. Full VPN setup on a Citrix Gateway appliance.
  3. Select the user access method.
  4. Deploy Citrix Secure Access agent for user access.
  5. Select the Citrix Secure Access agentfor users.
  6. Integrate the Citrix Secure Access agentwith Citrix Workspace app.

What is the Citrix Workspace URL?

The other way to access Citrix Workspace is through a browser with the Workspace URL. The Workspace URL is enabled by default, usually in the format: https://yourcompanyname.cloud.com .

What is Citrix browser?

Citrix Secure Browser is virtualization software that allows web applications to run in incompatible browsers. Using Secure Browser, an IT administrator can create a virtualized web browser, assign a specific web app to it and then deliver the workload to a physical web browser running on a user’s endpoint device.

What is browser redirection?

With Browser Redirection, when an end user uses the Google Chrome browser in a remote desktop, the website is rendered on the client system instead of the agent system, and it is displayed over the remote browser’s viewport. The viewport is the portion of the browser window that displays the content of a web page.

How do I troubleshoot browser content redirection?

js) must be installed and enabled on the VDA before using BCR with Chrome. The Browser Content Redirection Extension is available from the Chrome Web Store….4.1 General troubleshooting steps.

Step May clear problem in
Close the browser, re-open, and navigate to a whitelisted site. Browser Add-On and HdxVideo.js file

How do I allow ICA browse traffic through the ISA Server?

Create an IP packet filter to allow ICA browse traffic through the ISA server. For our setup, the Citrix ICA client will utilize port 88 on the Citrix server for ICA browse traffic. Create an IP Packet Filter; call it “Allow ICA Browse 88”.

How do I enable browser content redirection with Windows Authentication?

By default, browser content redirection uses a basic authentication scheme that requires users to authenticate with their VDA credentials each time they access the web server. For single sign-on, you can either enable the Browser content redirection Integrated Windows Authentication support policy setting or create a registry key on the VDA.

How do I register the browser add-ons required for URL redirection?

The browser add-ons required for URL redirection are registered automatically when you install Citrix Workspace app from the command line using the /ALLOW_CLIENTHOSTEDAPPSURL=1 option. You can use the following commands to register and unregister one or all add-ons:

Why isn’t the browser content of a URL being redirected?

If URLs are present in the browser content redirection ACL configuration setting and the block list configuration setting, the block list configuration takes precedence and the browser content of the URL isn’t redirected.