What does auto changeover mean on a thermostat?

Changeover refers to the thermostat being switched from heat to cool as the air crosses a certain temperature. Auto changeover thermostats switch from heat to cool automatically while manual changeover thermostats must be changed by hand.

How do you program a hunter 44550 thermostat?

Operating Instructions for an Energy Star 44550

  1. Set the time by pressing and holding the “Hour” button until the current hour appears.
  2. Press “Auto Program” to use the pre-set program for the thermostat.
  3. Slide the “System Selector” switch to either “Heat” or “Cool” to make changes to the current program.

Is it better to leave thermostat on AUTO or on?

If you want to keep the energy bills low, you should set the thermostat to ‘Auto’. However, if you prefer more even distribution of heat inside the house, it’s better that you set the thermostat setting to ‘On’.

Is there a thermostat that automatically switches between heat and cool?

Sensi thermostat has a feature called Auto Mode, which allows the thermostat to switch from Heat to Cool, or Cool to Heat automatically.

How does the AUTO setting on a thermostat work?

The auto setting on your thermostat tells your HVAC system to only run with it’s necessary. It automatically turns on when the home starts to fall below the desired temperature. Ultimately, you don’t waste energy having the fan push air through your home all day and night.

How do I reset my hunter digital thermostat?

Press and hold the Programs button, and at the same time press in the recessed Reset button with the tip of a ballpoint pen. Release the Reset button and continue holding the Programs button until the Reset Memory screen appears (then release the Programs button).

How do I change the time on my thermostat?

There are several contractor options that can be selected only via switches in the back of the thermostat (only accessible if it’s removed from the wall), including increment (standard is -1/+1, alt is -1/+2), 12 hour or 24 hour time, and some others that I couldn’t imagine using and so don’t remember.

What is the home today button on a Honeywell thermostat for?

I love the indiglo lighted display on this one. The “Home Today” button is a convenient way to adjust the thermostat on days when you are home and don’t want the temperature adjusting. I am not a fan of the Honeywell thermostats and their 1 degree of accuracy that forces your furnace/AC to run more frequently.

What is the 7-day programmable thermostat?

Compatible with virtually all heating and cooling systems including multi-stage heat pumps and 2 stage heat/2 stage cool. The 7-day programmable feature also has an auto season changeover. Digital accuracy and a backlit display ensures ease of use. Thermostat is pre-programmed for your convenience with easy-to-change presets.