What does a franking machine?

A franking Machine also commonly known as a ‘Postage Meter’ is used to print a barcode on to a letter or parcel in place of a traditional stamp. A franking machine can download and securely store postage funds and is used to guide the user when choosing mail classes and special services.

What does PSD locked mean on a franking machine?

The PSD Locked message typically happens when you have not downloaded postage for a certain period of time. Once this time has lapsed, your mailer machine and the postal server have to get comfortably acquainted again. This is called a postal audit.

Why does my Neopost machine say no printing?

If your machine is displaying a ‘pass through not printing’ message this can usually be resolved by rebooting the machine. To do this please switch the machine off at the plug socket for at least 30 seconds and then switch the machine back on.

What does you have reached the USPS 90 day security timeout?

If the time is exceeded, a “90 or 109 Day Security Timeout” message will be displayed and postage printing is disabled. To clear the message: Note: An analog phone line or LAN connection must be plugged into the mailing system to perform a Postal Inspection.

What is the advantage of using franking machine?

Using a franking machine is extremely convenient and time saving! Simply place the item on the postal scale and the system will work out the weight, price and applicable discount, then either automatically frank your mail or issue a franked label to attach to the mail piece. Franking takes less time than stamping.

What is franked?

A franked dividend is paid with a tax credit attached and is designed to eliminate the issue of double taxation of dividends for investors. The shareholder submits the dividend income plus the franking credit as income but will only be taxed on the dividend portion.

How do I reset my franking machine?

Follow these steps to restart safely:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the franking machine and the Communication Device.
  2. Wait one to three minutes.
  3. Plug the power cord back in to the franking machine, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet.
  4. Plug the power cord back in to the Communication Device.

Why is my franking machine not printing?

If the franking machine displays the warning Ink Out, the ink supply is completely gone and the franking machine won’t print until the cartridge is replaced. Install a new genuine Pitney Bowes ink cartridge immediately.

How do I reset my Quadient postage machine?


  1. Plug fax line into the back of your mailing machine.
  2. Select any department (if necessary)
  3. Unlock your meter (if necessary)
  4. Press OK.
  5. Press on the money bag button.
  6. Press OK.
  7. Press OK (a second time)
  8. On the display you will see dialling please wait, transacting please wait.

How does a franking machine save money?

As a stamp user, you can save up to 34% on your postage simply by switching from stamping to franking. The current cost of sending a 1st class letter using a stamp is 62p, by switching to franking you can send a 1st class letter for 49p – that’s a 13p difference.

Does franked mail get priority?

Post sent via a franking machine is given more priority compared to standard letters or parcels. This is because much of the processing has already been handled by the time it gets to the post office. For your business, this only means faster delivery and quicker delivery times.