What do you win for 2 numbers in Mega Millions?

Mega Millions Winning Details* (Texas Winners Only)

Number Correct Prize Amount Total2 Prize w/Megaplier
2 of 5 w/Mega Ball $5 $20
1 of 5 w/Mega Ball $2 $8
0 of 5 w/Mega Ball $1 $4
Total Texas Winners:

What’s the mega million numbers November 10th?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Powerball selected winning numbers in its Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, drawing for a jackpot estimated at $160 million. The numbers are 19-25-43-46-48 Powerball 14 Power Play 2x.

Did someone win Mega Millions tonight?

Good luck! 12:31 am – Mega Millions: There were no jackpot winners and no $1,000,000 winners in the Friday, April 29, 2022 Mega Millions drawing.

How many numbers do you need to win any money on Mega Millions?

six numbers
To win the jackpot, all six numbers on your ticket must match the winning numbers. There are a total of nine ways to win a prize in Mega Millions.

Did anyone win Powerball Nov 10 2021?

There was no winner so the jackpot will climb to $173 million with a cash option of $125 million for Saturday’s drawing. One ticket sold in Indiana matched all five white balls to win $1 million.

What is the jackpot for the Mega Millions 2020?

The jackpot amount for Mega Millions on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 is $152,000,000. Can I buy a Mega Millions ticket online?

Where can I buy a Mega Millions ticket?

If you’re in California, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington State, Washington D.C. or Pennsylvania you can purchase Mega Millions tickets through Lottery.com at play.lottery.com! When is the Mega Millions? Mega Millions drawings take place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights.

What are the odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery?

Higher than you think! The odds of winning a prize are 1 in 24. In California, all prizes are pari-mutuel, payouts are based on sales and the number of winners. All other Mega Millions states set the 2nd through 9th prizes at pre-determined amounts.

What days do the Mega Millions drawings take place?

Mega Millions drawings take place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights. What time is the Mega Millions drawing? What are the odds of winning? Higher than you think!