What do ODA numbers mean?

The four digit ODA numbering system reflects the addition of a fourth battalion to each active duty SFG.* ODAs are identified by the SFG, the battalion, the company, and the team number in that ODB. Under this system ODA-3423 signifies: 3 The ODA is assigned to 3rd SFG.

Where is 7th SFG stationed?

The 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Area of Responsibility (AOR) includes the land mass of Latin America south of Mexico; the waters adjacent to Central America and South America; the Caribbean Sea, its 13 island nations, European and U.S. territories; the Gulf of Mexico; and a portion of the Atlantic Ocean.

What does 7th Special Forces Group do?

The Special Forces Mission: Organize, equip, train, validate and prepare forces for deployment to conduct worldwide special operations, across the range of military operations, in support of regional combatant commanders, American ambassadors, and other agencies as directed.

What does ODA mean in the military?

Operational Detachment Alpha
[An Operational Detachment Alpha, ODA, or] A-team is the heart and soul of Special Forces. That is 12 highly trained soldiers — primarily 10 non-commissioned officers, a warrant officer and a captain. There are six different [military occupational specialities].

Is ODA Green Berets?

The Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA), also known as an SFOD-A or an ‘A-Team’, is the primary fighting force of the Green Berets.

How many Green Berets are there in ODA?

12 soldiers
An ODA consists of 12 soldiers, each of whom has a specific function (MOS or Military Occupational Specialty) on the team; however, all members of an ODA conduct cross-training.

Are the 7th Special Forces Group Green Berets?

Unconventional warfare is uniquely Special Forces. It is the soul of the Green Beret, from their predecessors in the OSS of World War II to the SF soldiers of today.

What base is 7th Special Forces Group?

Eglin Air Force Base
In 2011, 7th SFG(A) relocated from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Eglin Air Force Base, Florida as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round.

Was Tim Kennedy a Delta Force?

But it wasn’t a high or low point for Kennedy. Rather, he said, it was a transitional one. He had been a part of numerous task forces. In a prior combat deployment, his ranger regiment was assigned to a Delta task force that killed the al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

What is the 77th Special Forces?

This second group, designated the 77th SFG, Airborne, was created in August 1953. Like the 10th SFG, it would be a major subordinate unit of the Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) Center and School. Since the 10th SFG was to be stationed in Germany, its focus was on special operations in Europe.

How many odas are there in 7th Special Forces?

7th Special Forces Group consists of a command headquarters element, and three operational battalions, a group support battalion and a headquarters company. The three operational battalions have three companies each and those companies have six Operational Detachments-A, better known as ODAs or A-Teams, assigned to them.

What happened to the 7th SFG?

The 7th SFG has lost more SF soldiers in the Global War on Terrorism than any other SFG. In 2011, 7th SFG (A) relocated from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round.

How many SFG units are in the 7th Special Forces?

The 7th SFG (A) Structure: The 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) is commanded by a Colonel, who is assisted by a Group Command Sergeant Major. The group is comprised of five battalions, four Special Forces Battalions and one Group Support Battalion.

What is an ODA in special forces?

The 12-man ODA is the heart and soul of the Special Forces regiment. Special Forces units perform five doctrinal missions: foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, direct action and counterterrorism.