What distinguishes from other candidates?

How Can You Differentiate Yourself From Other Candidates?Sell Your Soft Skills. Organizations are looking for well-rounded employees with transferable skills. Show Enthusiasm. Engaged employees bring more value to an organization. Write Thank-You Notes. Although most job seekers know they should send thank-you notes, very few follow through. Create a Personal Brand.

What should I know that’s not on your resume?

How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Something NOT on Your Resume’ Interview QuestionStress a strength or skill that’s essential to the position (and that’s not on your resume) Talk about a volunteering or extracurricular experience that you can relate to the position (and that’s not on your resume)

Why am I the most qualified candidate for this position?

With this question, your interviewer is asking you to sell him on you and your status as the best person for the position. Make his job easier by convincing him that: You can do the work and deliver exceptional results. You will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team.