What cars have the EJ engine?

The Subaru EJ engine is a series of four-stroke automotive engines manufactured by Subaru. They were introduced in 1989, intended to succeed the previous Subaru EA engine….

Subaru EJ engine
Manufacturer Subaru
Production 1988–2021 (EJ20)
Configuration Flat-four

Is the EJ engine good?

Are Ej Engines Reliable? Based on current feedback, the FA20 engines in the first and second-generation models of the WRX and STI WRX models experience connecting rod problems as they do with the EJ series engines. To date, only two or three out of five owners rate them as being reliable.

Is EJ better than FA?

While the EJ motors remain sensitive to knock conditions and tuners do everything in their power to prevent detonation, the FA motors are even more sensitive and the challenges of direct injection have made avoiding knock much harder.

What Subaru has the EJ25?

The new WRX STI S209 has the most powerful iteration of Subaru’s venerable 2.5-liter boxer yet. It’s not the last one. When Subaru announced it was bringing an S-series WRX STI to the US for the first time, we wondered what engine would power it.

What car has a EJ20?

Subaru WRX STI
In the U.S., the only vehicle powered currently by the EJ engine is the Subaru WRX STI, which uses a 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-four with 310 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque paired to a six-speed manual.

How much HP can EJ25 handle?

The EJ20/EJ25 engines can handle 300 horsepower with stock internals and no further modifications other than a proper fuel management system.

Does WRX have EJ or FA?

What Subarus Have The Ej Engines? Only one vehicle, the Subaru WRX STI, has been fueled by the EJ engine since the start of 2012, and that is now powered by a two-liter engine. Featuring 310 horsepower and 290 pounds-feet of torque, this 5-liter turbocharged flat-four is paired to a manual transmission.

Are Subaru EJ engines direct injection?

It’s important to understand that since the EJ engine has been in our cars for 30 years, Subaru went all in when adapting new technologies such as; Replacing the timing belt system with a no-maintenance timing chain system. Replacing the port injection system with the direct injection system.

What is the difference between EJ25 and EJ255?

The only difference between them was the turbo and intercooler set-up, and the tuning of the ECU. Starting with the 2006 – 2007 WRX and Forester XT, this was the first point where the EJ255 actually started to receive different parts from the STI.

Is the EJ25 a good engine?

As is the case with most performance engines, the Subaru EJ25 is nowhere near perfect and has its fair share of issues. With all of its imperfections studied and properly sorted out however, the EJ25 can prove to be a reliable engine to enjoy performance driving with.