What brand has 2 circles?

Chanel logo The Chanel logo is an overlapping double ‘C’ – one facing forward and the other backward. So, as to this logo, you can overlap two loops created by two circles, and then add two white triangles on both sides to make the loop like letter C.

What logos use circles?

Popular circle logos

  • NASA.
  • Pepsi.
  • ABC.
  • Reddit.
  • Pinterest.
  • Pro tip: Keep it simple.
  • Timberland.
  • Lucky Strike.

What does the two circles inside the company logo mean?

This logo is a trick with typography. Hidden inside the two circles are the initials of the company, each shown in a different color. This shows how playful and energetic the company is, and goes with their overall brand image.

What is the meaning of the colour green in the logo?

Green denotes freshness, fun, frolic, safety, relaxation and harmony and it has been the principle colour of the logo since 1983. The shade of the green used in the logo since 2007 is a different pantone shade, rather a sunny and a vivid hue of green compared to the slightly darker green used pre 2007.

How to create a circle logo for your business?

How To Create A Circle Logo 1. Choose Your Circle Logo Template. Browse our selection of professionally designed logo templates to get started. 2. Edit Your Circle Logo Design . Customize your design with our sophisticated circle logo design software. 3. Download Your Circle Logo

What are some examples of circular logos?

The circular mermaid graphic is enclosed within the circular brand name graphic, which is then also enclosed within a circular stroke. The circles within circles really enhance the Starbucks tagline: one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time. The Pinterest logo is a good example of how a circular graphic can be feminine.