What are the wires on a computer power supply?

For an LPX-style power supply (AT computers), there are two connectors: P8 and P9. Each has six pins, and you plug them into the motherboard so the black wires are together….Untangling the wires: Getting to know your power supply.

Pin 2 (Orange) +3.3V
Pin 3 (Black) Ground
Pin 4 (Red) +5V
Pin 5 (Black) Ground

What are the color of power Good wire in PSU?

Template:ATX power connector

Color Signal Pin
Grey Power good 20
Purple +5 V standby 21
Yellow +12 V 22
Yellow +12 V 23

What color is the ground wire on the computers power connector?

Green or green with a yellow stripe. This is the ground lead. It should be connected to the PC case and should help ground the power supply to the case.

Where does the power SW cable go?

Among the loose cables in your case, you’ll find a two-pin connector, which is usually marked PWR SW, but check the case’s manual if you’re unsure. The power switch wires need to connect to the power jumpers on the motherboard. Typically, these pins are located on the bottom-right section and are usually unmarked.

What is blue wire on power supply?

The Red are the positive wires (+), the Black are the negative wires (-), and the Blue is for informations between the adapter and the laptop.

What is the purpose of the GREY Pwr_Ok wire?

One other option we have is to use pin 8 – Grey (Pwr_Ok) as a visual indication that the PSU has started up correctly and is ready to operate. The Pwr_Ok signal goes high (+5V) when the power supply has settled down after its initial start up, and all the voltages are within their proper tolerance ranges.

Is grey wire positive or negative?

IEC DC power circuit wiring color codes

Function label Color
Positive (of a positive earthed) circuit M blue
Negative (of a positive earthed) circuit L- grey
3-wire earthed DC Power System
Positive L+ brown

What is grey electrical wire?

What is a Gray Neutral Wire? The neutral wire (whether gray or white) is used to connect a conductive piece of metal (known as the neutral bus bar) to the electrical panel so that it can attract the current and distribute it throughout the facility.

What pins turn on a PC power supply?

To start up a stand alone PSU for either testing purposes or as a bench power supply, we need to short together pin 14 – Green (Power-ON) to one of the common black wires (ground) which is how the motherboard tells the power supply to turn β€œON”.