What are the military brevity codes?

A brevity code is a code which provides no security but which has as its sole purpose the shortening of messages rather than the concealment of its content.

What does Spike mean in DCS?

Miscelaneous Codewords and Abbreviations

Brevity [Expand] Meaning
Break (direction) Call to move in indicated direction, in a high G turn
Buddy Spike Response to ‘Raygun’; Friendly unit is actively locking on to me,
Bugout Moving out in specified direction with no intent to reengage / return
BVR Beyond Visual Range

What is the codeword for when an active missile transitions to guiding with its own radar seeker?

Active radar homing (ARH) is a missile guidance method in which a missile contains a radar transceiver (in contrast to semi-active radar homing, which uses only a receiver) and the electronics necessary for it to find and track its target autonomously.

What is a brevity term?

: shortness of duration especially : shortness or conciseness of expression.

What does Pitbull mean missiles?

Just to clarify: Pitbull means the missile has gone fully active. You no longer need to have the track on radar when you hear “Pitbull”. Once you hear that, you are free to turn and skate out. The missile is using its own onboard radar and no longer requires mid course correction from the launching radar platform.

What does Pitbull mean DCS?

Posted May 8, 2019. no 5ACT means 5 seconds to pitbull = missile active radar guidance.

What does bra mean in air combat?

Bearing Range Altitude
Bearing Range Altitude (Aspect). The format of an air intercept communication call when referenced to the fighter position.

What does Pitbull mean in aviation?

What does splash mean in air combat?

air to air kill or weapons impact
splash: air to air kill or weapons impact on ground target.

What is brevity in a sentence?

Definition of Brevity. the quality of expressing something in very few words; briefness. Examples of Brevity in a sentence. 1. I hope the minister exercises brevity in his sermon today.

What is brevity in writing?

Brevity is shortness in duration and/or conciseness of expression in a speech or a written text. Contrast with verbosity. Brevity is generally considered a stylistic virtue as long as it’s not achieved at the expense of clarity.

How do I use AIM 120s in VTOL VR?

Usage Instructions

  1. Turn on RADAR, and select the RADAR MFCD page.
  2. Set it as the SOI.
  3. Use the thumbstick to slew the reticle over enemy craft.
  4. Once a lock has been obtained the missile can be fired.