What are the different types of dance costumes?

Just as the many other aspects of dance have evolved over the years, so too have the varieties of different costumes. Common current options include lyrical dance costumes, perfect for the eponymous dance style that blends ballet and jazz.

Can you dress up as Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Dressing up in one of our Dragon Ball Z costumes is THE best way to show off your love of the Akira Toriyama anime. Whether your child plans on trick or treating as Goku for Halloween, or you need to get an outfit that you can feel proud to wear at the next anime convention, you’ll be quite happy with any of our outfits! What does Goku’s gi say?

Do you have Dragon Ball Z gifts for adults?

While we might not have over 9000 Dragon Ball Z gifts for adults, we DO have a ton of great items you’ll love to collect, from Funko POPs to action figures, and apparel featuring Goku and Vegeta and more! So get ready to go Super Saiyan with our wide selection of Dragon Ball Z!

Where can I buy stage-stealing costumes?

Dance Direct brings you a fantastic choice of stage-stealing costumes from top brands 1st Position and Revolution. These stylish dance costumes are designed for both child and adult with sequins and embellishments to set your performance apart.

Why are dance costumes so important?

Having the right dance costumes can make or break the look of a show, so it’s not an item you should leave off the checklist under any circumstances. Just as the many other aspects of dance have evolved over the years, so too have the varieties of different costumes.

How do I choose the best dance recital costumes?

Find a versatile range of dance recital costumes made to captivate from the very first moment on stage all the way through the final curtain call. Choose from a studio-exclusive selection of stageworthy dance competition costumes and performance separates that capture and keep the audience’s attention––and all at the best values.

Why choose just for Kix for your dance costumes?

We offer the best selection of dance costumes in tops, bottoms, leotards, dresses and more to make your team shine and leave an unforgettable impression. Discover the perfect dance costume. Just for Kix shares your passion for dance. We know that your costume is a key component to any dance performance, recital or competition.