What are table name cards called?

They’re also referred to as “seating cards” or “escort cards.” Where to put them: on a table near the entrance to the reception, in alphabetical order by last name. Give guests easy access to the cards, which they’ll pick up on their way to the dining room.

What size are place cards?

Place Card Sizes With these layouts your final cards will end up approximately business-card sized (about 2 x 3.5 in or 5.5 x 8.5 cm). This is also the standard size provided by many templates, calligraphers, and print offerings.

How do you put corks in place card holders?


  1. With your X-Acto knife, slice 0.25in.
  2. Place the cork on its side, and carefully burn your design into the side of the cork with your wood-burning tool.
  3. Place your cork upright, and with your scoring knife, slice a groove down the middle of your cork where the place card will sit.

What are name cards for a formal dinner?

If not all of the guests know each other, use both names on all of the cards. At a formal dinner party, such as a business dinner or official function, or any meal at which persons of rank will be present, use only surnames on the cards, for example, Mr. Fleischmann. If two Mr.

What is a table tent card?

Sometimes referred to as table tents, tent cards are essentially mini billboards and can be a highly effective method for displaying a company’s marketing message, when placed in highly-visible areas. A tent card is a convenient, self-standing promotional unit created from printed and folded cardstock.

What size are table cards for weddings?

How Big Are Wedding Place Cards? Wedding place cards aren’t big. They’re somewhere around the size of a large business card. 10cm by 6cm isn’t unusual (although a folded card would, overall, be 10cm by 12cm).

What can you make with wine corks?

DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas

  1. Drink Coaster. Made from sliced wine corks, these coasters make a great option for re-using your left over corks.
  2. Bottle Stopper.
  3. Bird House.
  4. Cork-board/Message Board.
  5. Photo Clip.
  6. Wall Art.
  7. Decorative Cork Balls.
  8. Candle Votives.