What are some good golf sayings?

19 Different Golf Sayings For Good Luck

  • Good Luck.
  • Enjoy The 19th Hole.
  • Hit ‘Em Long And Straight.
  • May The Fores Be With You.
  • Play Well.
  • Swing Easy.
  • Only Birdies.
  • Have A Great Round.

What is the slang for golf?

Your Golf Slang Cheat Sheet

Dawn Patrol The first golfers on the course who typically play as early as possible such as at sunrise
Deepage An incredibly long or “deep” drive
Dog Track When the golf course is in bad condition
Duck Hook An off target shot that curves right to left

What is a poor golfer called?

“Duffer” is a term golfers apply to poor golfers — those among us who score the highest. The term is descriptive if applied to higher-handicappers and recreational golfers, but will be insulting if misapplied to a good golfer. “Duffer” and “hacker” are synonymous, although hacker is the slightly more negative term.

What words are used in golf?

Back The last nine holes of a golf course. Also a tee position that makes hole the longest.
Best Ball / Better Ball Best score on a hole by partners in a best-ball match.
Birdie One under par score on a hole.
Bogey One over par score on a hole.

How do you say enjoy your golf game?

One of the most common phrases to wish golfers good luck is “have fun on the course.” “Have fun,” which means being happy and enjoying doing something, can be used in many situations. Other than just being competitive, golfing is also a fun game.

How do you wish a happy golfer?

How to Wish a Golfer Good Luck (11 Ways)

  1. “Good Luck” It may seem simple, but it absolutely works as a way to wish a golfer the best.
  2. “Hit ‘Em Straight”
  3. “Play Well”
  4. “Have a Good Round”
  5. “Keep It in the Fairway”
  6. “Have a Good Game”
  7. “Enjoy Your Round”
  8. “Fairways and Greens”

What is the best shot in golf called?

An ace, commonly known as a hole-in-one, is the best score out there. When you get an ace, that means you get to write a “1” on the scorecard.

What is a golf shot called?

Each shot, whether it’s a three-hundred metre drive or a two-centimetre putt, counts as one stroke. For each hole, a number known as par indicates the number of shots a very good player would normally take to complete the hole.

What do you call someone who loves golf?

1. golfer – someone who plays the game of golf. golf player, linksman.

What is a duffer in golf?

2 : an incompetent, ineffectual, or clumsy person especially : a mediocre golfer.

What is a golf stroke called?

Golf Scoring Terms Explained. Stroke – In golf, a “Stroke” is any forward club swing, including when putting, that a golfer is trying to hit the ball. You can essentially use “Stroke” as a synonym for a shot/putt, but keep in mind that it also includes “whiffs” if you miss the ball when trying to hit it.

How do you say good luck to a golfer?

The best way to say good luck at golf is: “have a good round.” You can also use the phrase, “Have a good day,” if you want to wish your fellow golfers luck in their games. “I’ll see you tomorrow at the club, and have a great round.”