What are some easy card tricks to learn?

If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of easy card tricks you can do, such as:

  • The Circus Card Trick.
  • Card to Impossible Location.
  • The Four Appearing Aces.
  • Pick a Card, Any Card.
  • The Rising Card.
  • Card Levitation.
  • The Floating Card.
  • The Magnetic Hand.

Which playing cards are best for magic tricks?

KEM Arrow Plastic Playing Cards. Arguably the best plastic playing cards ever created,the KEMs are well-known for their durability,ease of handling,and having the best of both

  • Copag 1546 Playing Cards. The Copags are one of the best plastic cards on the market today.
  • Aristocrat Bank Note 727.
  • Monarch Playing Cards.
  • Da Vinci Ruote.
  • What is the best card trick ever?

    Card through Glass. YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO to experience the Greatest Card Trick of ALL TIME!

  • Card to Impossible Location. One of the greatest card magicians EVER,Jimmy Grippo shuffles a deck and has a participant choose a card from the deck and show everyone
  • Invisible Deck.
  • Chicago Opener.
  • Card on Ceiling.
  • Sam the Bellhop.
  • Oil and Water.
  • How to do card tricks for beginners?

    Complete the Setup. The setup for this trick is incredibly simple and holds the secret to pulling off this magic trick.

  • Select a Card. From the front of the deck,the spectators will see the face of one full card and a fan of the three cards you pulled from the
  • The Move.
  • Find the Card.
  • What are some good card tricks?

    Using a full deck of cards,shuffle them and ask a spectator to pick a card.

  • Get them to split the deck and place the card face down on top of the pile.
  • The secret to this trick is to remember the card before theirs’ so quickly look at it before putting the pile back together.