What are some best feasibility research topics?

11 Examples of a Feasibility Study

  • Cost. A solar manufacturing firm performs a study to determine if an innovative new design would be cost competitive given the current cost of required materials, components, energy, machines and labor.
  • Technology.
  • Distribution.
  • Product Development.
  • Legal.
  • Operations.
  • Education.
  • Cities.

What is a product feasibility study?

A new product feasibility study is a market research methodology that aims to provide predictive analytics to guide the next steps for marketing, sales, and product development. The objectives of this type of market research often include obtain insight on: Product placement.

What is the final product of feasibility study?

The final step of the feasibility study reporting process requires you to make a conclusion by summarizing the project’s aim and stating the most feasible solution.

What is a good title of a feasibility study?

Title page You should use a clear title that provides some insights into your project. A good example is “Feasibility Study for Cultivating Unified Goals Across Departments.” Your title page should also include the names of the project leader and project members along with their job titles.

What is a product study?

Product research is the process of determining whether your idea for a new product or service might be successful and how best to develop and sell that product. This process begins by investigating the market to see if similar products exist.

How do you test product feasibility?

How to Test the Feasibility of Your Business Idea

  1. What customer needs will your product, service, or technology address?
  2. Who is the customer (profile) that will benefit?
  3. What is the size of the customer base?
  4. Who are some potential customers by name?
  5. How does the customer currently meet the needs to be addressed?

How do you assess product feasibility?

Assessing the Feasibility of a New Product

  1. Is It Real? Does a market exist for the product. Is there a true need in the marketplace?
  2. Can You Win? Analyze the competitive environment. Is the proposed product competitive?
  3. Is It Worth It? Do we have realistic estimates of sales and revenue? Are product costs acceptable?