What are as builts plans?

What Is an “As-Built?” Also known as record drawings and red-line drawings, as-builts drawings are documents that allow a compare and contrast between the designed versus final specifications, and provide a detailed blueprint of the building and the land around it as actually constructed in the end.

What is the difference between as builts and record drawings?

As-built drawings are primarily contractor based, record drawings are approved and testified by the architect as per the owner’s requirements and measured drawings are based on fresh projects on already standing buildings.

What does as builts mean in construction?

As Built drawings are defined as “Revised set of drawing submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job.

Should as built drawings be stamped?

Some drawing and design details must be stamped and sealed by whoever did the external design. Add all notes within a specific sheet in one single drawing. This will facilitate the as-built completion and will reduce mistakes. Sometimes it will be necessary to add sheets to the drawings.

How are as built drawings created?

As explained above, as built drawings are generally created by a contractor during construction, with color coded notes written directly on top of the original plans. Record drawings, on the other hand, are created by an architect, who incorporates all of the construction changes noted on the as built drawings.

What is an as-built drawing used for?

As-Built drawings and models represent a building or space as it was actually constructed. As-built documentation is developed after construction (or a particular phase of construction), either immediately or at any time following.

Why are as-built drawings?

As-built drawings are essential in construction projects for the following reasons: As-built drawings provide precise details about the changes performed at any interim stage of the project. It facilitates easy visualization of the upcoming steps, notice complications, and early solving of issues.

How do you mark up as-built drawings?

When finished, stamp title sheet with “RECORD DRAWING AS-BUILT,” including contractor’s name, date, and other relevant information. If a sheet has not been changed at all or no mark has been added, label the sheet only “As-Built.”

What do as-built drawings include?

As-built drawings should include:

  • Dates and detailed notes of any modifications.
  • Changes to materials used (type, size, location, etc.)
  • Changes to locations, including windows, doors, plumbing, etc.
  • Any obstructions and solutions used.
  • Changes made after or in response to any inspections.

What do as built drawings include?