What are arguments in an essay?

What is an argument? In academic writing, an argument is usually a main idea, often called a “claim” or “thesis statement,” backed up with evidence that supports the idea. In other words, gone are the happy days of being given a “topic” about which you can write anything.

What is a balanced answer?

A balanced question is one that has a question stem that presents the respondent with both (all reasonably plausible) sides of an issue. The issue of “balance” in a survey question also can apply to the response alternatives that are presented to respondents.

What is a good topic to write an argument essay on?


  • Education should be free for everyone.
  • Why are the US citizens rapidly becoming more obese?
  • Internet access must be limited to students.
  • Young people must have a right to choose when it comes to military.
  • Each student must have a right to pick only those disciplines he is interested in.

How do you write a controversy essay?

Writing A Controversial Essay Outline

  1. Work with a topic that you can defend with valid arguments and justifications.
  2. Decide on at least three strong points that you will work on as you write the body of your essay.
  3. Conduct proper Research before you write the essay.
  4. Do not preach to the readers rather make a soft debate.

How do you answer agree or disagree essay in ielts?

Just paraphrase the essay question and present your opinion. Make sure your opinion is consistent from introduction to conclusion. Each body paragraph presents a reason for your view. Your body paragraphs should explain your views with relevant detail.

What is a controversy essay?

A controversial essay is one in which the author takes a particular stance on a highly-charged, contestable issue. Controversial essays are often argumentative, in that they’re seeking to argue for or against one side of a controversial issue.