What are all the zip codes in Arizona?

Below are 398 Arizona zip codes ranked 1 through 393 (there are some ties)….Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Arizona?

Rank Zip Code Population
1 85142 77,101
2 85364 73,674
3 85032 73,212
4 85204 69,792

What is the richest zip code in Arizona?

List of 25 Wealthiest Zipcodes in Arizona
Rank Zipcode Zip Name
1 85253 Paradise Valley
2 85262 Scottsdale
3 85255 Scottsdale

What zip code is West Phoenix?

ZIP Code 85021 Map, Demographics, More for Phoenix, AZ.

How many zip codes are in Phoenix?

Phoenix Zip Codes | List of 65 Zip Codes in Phoenix, Arizona.

How many zip codes are in Maricopa County AZ?

131 Zip Codes
Maricopa County, Arizona: 131 Zip Codes.

What city in Arizona has the most millionaires?

Paradise Valley
1) Paradise Valley Nestled in Maricopa County, Paradise Valley is the richest city in Arizona (and one of the richest in the country). Its quiet charm and privacy attract affluent business moguls, celebrities, sports figures, and residents looking for a private oasis.

What is the richest part of Phoenix?

Perhaps a surprising fact, but Paradise Valley has the Phoenix metro area’s highest median income, according to 2014 statistics. According to Esri, zip code 85253 is the wealthiest one in the area.

What is North Phoenix ZIP code?

ZIP Code 85032

Post Office City: Phoenix, AZ (View All Cities)
Neighborhood: Paradise Valley|North Phoenix
County: Maricopa County
Timezone: America/Phoenix (1:56am)
Area code: 602 (Area Code Map)

What area is considered North Phoenix?

North Phoenix is an area of Phoenix which includes the neighborhoods of Deer Valley, Desert View, North Mountain, North Gateway, and New Village.