What are 4 types of welding electrodes?

Welding Electrodes & Filler Rods Explained

  • Bare Electrodes.
  • Light Coated Electrodes.
  • Shielded Arc or Heavy Coated Electrodes.
  • Functions of Shielded Arc or Heavy Coated Electrodes.
  • Tungsten Electrodes.
  • Direct Current Arc Welding Electrodes.
  • Alternating Current Arc Welding Electrodes.

What is a 6022 welding rod used for?

6022 electrodes are typically used where single pass with high speed and current welding of groove welds in the flat welding position, lap joints in the horizontal welding position and fillet welds on sheet metal. The weld bead may be more convex and less uniform while welding at higher speeds.

What is 308L 16 welding rod used for?

Type 308L-16 is used extensively for welding of chemical plant equipment and may be used successfully for welding types 321 and 347 steel grades. E308L-16 minimizes the formation of chromium carbides in the weld metal.

What is 6013 welding rod used for?

6013 Welding Rods The 6013 electrode is best used for light to medium penetration on thin or sheet metal pieces. 6013 electrodes are commonly used in manufacturing truck frame bodies, metal furniture, storage tanks, farm implementations, or where aesthetics are of grave importance.

Can you weld carbon steel with 309?

All said and done, the 309 tig rod is developed specifically for welding carbon into stainless. The weld that results is a combination of carbon and stainless steel but with the power to hold up against pressure as well as heat periods.

What is a puddle weld?

An arc spot weld also referred to as a puddle weld, or a plug weld, is the method used for welding steel decking to the supporting steel framing below. A round ¾ inch diameter weld is made on top of the steel decking.

What E308 16?

E308-16 is designed for welding of the following 18-8 stainless steel types: 301, 302, 304 and 308. The weld deposit has the proper chemical content and balance for satisfactory welding of type 308, and therefore is suitable for welding 18-8 types of lower alloy content.