What age is the Time Warp Trio for?

7 to 10
Time Warp Trio is a series of children’s novels and a television series aimed at kids aged 7 to 10.

What year was the Time Warp Trio?

Time Warp Trio is an animated television series based on the children’s book series of the same name. Created by Jon Scieszka, the series was produced by Soup2Nuts in association with WGBH Boston. The series aired from July 9, 2005 to July 15, 2006 on Discovery Kids.

What reading level is the Time Warp Trio?

Three friends (Sam, Joe and Fred) travel through time having action-packed, outlandish adventures….Shop by Program:

2095 Series: Time Warp Trio (Book: 5) Scieszka, Jon 9780142400449 Fiction Paperback
Reading Level 3.8
Reading Level 590L
Interest Level 2-5
Price List Price: $5.99 Your Price: $4.79

What genre is The Time Warp Trio?

Children’s fiction
The Time Warp Trio

Cover of the Gift Set featuring multiple books.
Language English
Genre Children’s fiction
Publisher Viking Press (US) Puffin Books (UK)
Published 1991 – 2007

What is the first episode of Time Warp Trio?

The Not-So-Jolly Roger
Season 1: 2005-2006

1 The Not-So-Jolly Roger 1718
4 Tut Tut 1470 BC
5 Sam Samurai 1615
6 See You Later, Gladiator 120 AD
7 Lewis and Clark… and Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha 1805

What genre is Knights of the Kitchen Table?

FictionKnights of the Kitchen Table / Genre

Who wrote the Time Warp Trio books?

Jon ScieszkaThe Time Warp Trio / Author

Who wrote the Time Warp Trio?